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Mr. Hint Escape 8: Challenge Escape Walkthrough

Mr. Hint Escape 8: Challenge Escape

HintSan - Mr. Hint Escape 8: Challenge Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Hint San. In this game, you are locked in a garage. You need to find a way to escape by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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No. 1 if you turn the sums upside down, but the answer doesnt go underneath

the answer goes under Q.9

have no clue for No.2, working on 3

the answer box under 7 has the same characters as Q.4

I will be back after the brain have been,
please leave lots of clues as it looks like a great game.

Q1 answer goes underneath Q9
Q9 answer goes underneath Q1 (just the numbers that are written out)
Q3 answer goes underneath Q8
Make the hint like this:
to solve that one

No idea about the others. Q5 seems simple (answer goes under Q6) but the simple thing (EPHK) doesn't work.

Hm, did rot 5 for Q5 and then it makes a real word and that works as answer :)

Q6 goes underneath Q5
I'm pretty sure you have to use the calendar here.

5 on second day is in month 9 and 12
3 on third day is in month 5
1 on fourth day is in month 6
2 on sixth day is in month 9 and 12
4 on seventh day is in month 6

But no idea how to make that letters and no idea what it's hintting with the numbers on different heights in the hint.

Hi ST :)

on hint 6 => up means 1st letters, middle 2nd, down 3rd
combine with calendar

Monday, take 1st letter M(up), tuesday take 3rd letter E...

and in order 12345 = DR....

don't get EPHK

Hi Seb :)
Thanks, was way overthinking that one.

For EPHK. With 'rot' 5 I meant add 5 with every letter. E is 5th letter in alphabet, Add 5 and you get 10. J is 10th letter in the alphabet.

For the Japanese characters in different colours I tried to put them in order of how many letters in English and Japanese (game has a build in character set, link just above the game). But no go :(

And I have to go now, good luck :)

I meant how many letters in the colour name. Like red is 3 or Japanese aka is 3 as well in this case.

thanks, I have to go too
wait for help japanese friends ;)

Other puzzles I've solved (Language barrier!)

Q2 - answer goes under 8
Hint: The Japanese text says:
Mi Ki Hi Ni Hi Ni Ki Mi Ni

N-E-S-W in Japanese:

Q4 - answer goes under 7
Hint: Motif on Japanese coins. (Look for Wiki entry for Japanese Yen -> look under coins)
Enter from highest value to lowest value
桜 - Sakura
稲 - Rice field
木 - Tree (generic)
桐 - Some tree called "Kiri" I've never heard of
寺 - Temple
菊 - Chrynsathemum

Q7 - answer goes under 4
Hint: Calendar. Look for a month that follows similar "color pattern", and fill in the kana accordingly to get an instruction, which says:
"Press the color of the Olympic rings from right"

Still trying to work out 5, 8 and 10.
I know s-t mentioned the solution for 5, but I'm not sure why that is.

For Q10, all the japanese BBS said it's got to do with Keyboard, but I just can't see it.

8 is not hard. U just need to know what's in between:

Spades: 苺?肉 (Ichigo ? Niku). Ichi - 1, Go - 5, Ni - 2, Ku (Kyuu) - 9.
So that's 15 ? 29. What's the middle number? 22.

Clubs: 西 ?風呂 (Nishi ? Furo). Ni - 2, Shi - 4, Fu (Futatsu) - 2, Ro - 6. So that's 24 ? 26. What's the middle number? 25.

The answer is 2225

For level 10:

It's related with japanese keyboard:

(Use this: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/21/MacBookProJISKeyboard-1.jpg)

We need 5 letters (as we can see below puzzle 2 hint).
Notice that there are numbers from 1 to 5 on 10's hint. You just need to see what letters comes right next to the one's shown.
Ex: Q 4 Z (between Q and Z there's letter A, so A's the 4th letter).

Door puzzle:
Papers on your inventory are the hint. They say you need to know all puzzle numbers which had numerical answers to them. The order is from the highest to the lowest number.

Very well done, Nini :)
Thanks, finally finished :)

@Nini, thanks so much!

Could you explain 5 to me? I mean, why do we add 5 to each circled characters?

@mhtyhr the katakana on 5 that reads: ムラノトシシキサ actually trasforms into "マルノイツツサキ" if you flip them. And that tells us to move the circles 5 times ahead.

Thanks for explanations :)

Thanks very much Nini!
Now I can sleep well tonight :)

I was pretty useless at this game, but I did understand # 3 - 1st number is clock time, 2nd is degrees to add or subtract. 30 deg. is 1/12 of 360, so e.g. for the circle number, imagine 3 o'clock and advance 1, =4.


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