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Natural Calamity Escape Walkthrough

Natural Calamity Escape

FirstEscapeGames - Natural Calamity Escape is another point and click escape game developed by First Escape Games. Assume that you are living in a coastal area and the place was affected by a natural calamity. You need to escape from the coastal area by seeking outside help as there is an impending calamity. Look around and collect things that can be used to escape from your misery. Good luck and have fun!

Play Natural Calamity Escape

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hope this one will be better than thatr bevor...going in

I'm kinda stuck!

usual FEG. search for tiny hotspots and try to figure out what to do with unlabeled items.

arrows all point out

Can't get the message out of the bottle, or where to use octopus or prop or greens, or long red pole. Any ideas?

the octopus is part of a set..starfish, cone, chain, prop...count the legs for the 5#

the octopus is part of a set..starfish, cone, chain, prop...count the legs for the 5#

u get the corkscrew at the end

there is a clue in the tree above the brown ship with the damaged front end

magnet is used twice, front end of the same brown ship and after you open up the pipe on the blue ship. Use hammer to open it

click click click click click click......

thank you for the birds hints......

thanks Brett!!

the grab looking thing get in the wood hut middle left in the little hole

What to do with the oil can?

arrows in 2 scene without a hint, a cross in the middle and arrows show from middle to outside (sorry for bad english, hope you understand what I mean)

after you fill the can in the last scene, you use it in between the two boats, in the water of the second scene

Thank you, Brett

Thank you, Brett

I don´t have a hammer for the pipe, do you remember where you found it?

What to do with the oil can?

ok, understand the hint at gloves and have the hammer now :o)

put the oilcan near the barrel in far right scene...you need a hose too

you make a fire on the nets in the last scene, cotton, green key and knife

This was a fun little game. I really liked the idea of having a flint stick to make a signal fire, for rescue.

no more this game is a click click game this is a bad game

Just me or did developer seem to forget the puzzles in the walkthrough?

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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