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Orb Collector

Orb Collector Escape is another point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant for OddSoul. You are a famous paranormal investigator who travels the globe searching for answers, collecting orbs which appear to be tiny fragments of the supernatural. This time, it is up to you to enter the abandoned location, collect all of the orbs and escape in one piece! Good luck and have fun!

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I need to find a map soon!!

my flashlight turned into purple key when I tried to use it

Whoo hop Self Defiant.
Made my day!

I have two red gems, purple key again and lost flashlight

on no my red gems disappeared when I placed them.

Got lots of stuff, but no map to tell were it was?

Flashlight seems to be a flashlight for me.

Excellent! Very happy to see you guys

crowbar in stair railing left and up one. just above down arrow. use it far right and up on stuck cupboard

The gems are still there you just can't see them, I fixed it. :)

I will try restarting

Sorry bandy! I took it

You Would Dazz :P

Got gold key from useing flash light.

Thanks i don't have to steal bandys bottle to collect orbs selfdefiant!

I put the stones and they disappeared. Do not put all the stones and ended the game. Did the line,played the piano,had entered the code. The impression that the game is not completed yet .

I hope there is a map some were.

I need help with the pianos. There are two, one with dark dots is it the hint for the other?

Where do the red gems go?

Thanks jen! Crowbar goes up left room, put skull on stairs for green key

Jenny - look at the fingerprints on the downstairs piano. Press the keys in order from low to high on upstairs piano.
Bandy, where did you use the flashlight?

I played left to right 1st,3rd,7th,5th,2nd,6th.

Thanks Miles1

Tally marks for box far right room after using green key

Miles one room down from were you found it then right.

Purple key behind bottle

no gold key in my fireplace room, That were my flashlight turned into purple key on first start

How many red gems did we need. I placed 1 and somehow game ended.

Bandy - the room with the small clock on the mantle? I can't find it anywhere!

Flashlight in far ahead room after purple key

The Gold key for me was left side of fireplace.

Hmmm - no gold key for me. I'll try to restart

Where to use flashlight? Used it everywhere

I guess there was no map I placed 3 gems and out?

Still no key. I'll try again later. GL everyone!

Reading bandy's comment

Dazz the room you found it in come down one room, then right.

Noathing there, same with miles

Whoop, late to the party. Gotta get back on mah toes!

dazz ley seemed to have gotten the only key!

Left side of fire place Using the Flash light Is gold key?

Nice game but not long enough.
Thanks Self Defiant.

Reastarted and got key this time, thanks bandy

Good deal Dazz I thought I had lost my mind LOL

Doxn't look at me dawn, i didn't steal mile's key

Dazz Leys comment from 8:26 should be far LEFT room, nor far Right. The box is up rightish in the room with the many empty cinema chairs.

help!!!!! i have 41 orbs and no key or other clue ..or maybe i dont see any

Aye! Sorry guys! Always make mistakes

okay restarted for 3rd time still no gold key, But on the bright side I now play the piano beautifully. Giving up

Piano: cebgda

Use flashlight to find gold key

Finally found the box. It's just above the green arrow. Don't know why it was so difficult to find!

Oh no! Now my second stone disappeared.
Who's taking our stuff?)))

p.s. Lol Dazz - welcome to my world - I usually say Right when I mean left and vice versa ;-)

Put each stone on the pentagram after you find it

Tiz be the Leprechauns Dazz. They be a feisty bunch today!!

finally found a crowbar !!! :D

Not showing up the gold key when using the flashlight ! Already restarted the game twice !

If you don't see the key, you are in the wrong room.

I give up ! Game restarted three times, but the golden key does not appear !

Gold key - from pentagram, go up one, go through purple door into hall and then right

golden key : from the pentagram up , up and right

what happened? i placed 3 gems and a message like : you need 68 orb to collect more and the game ended??!!?? i pressed the button Continue but its look like i have to start from the beggining

Warning - do not place the three gems until you have collected at least 69 orbs. Once the spirit appears, you can't collect any more orbs

Oops sorry Pete, my warning was too late

From pentagram I went..... Up, Up, Right to the room with the bricked in fireplace with a clock over the mantle. I used the flashlight and still no gold key. SD, am I in the right room?

That was the correct room. The gold key was on the left darkened doorway (for me at least)

Gold key is mainly in the room with the fireplace, its the only room dark enough to use flashlight, that is, if you have flashlight and janet didn't take it:))

Pete's got 68 orbs!! Good, going to steal them!!!

I am in the correct room, room with fireplace and small round clock. No gold key for me with flashlight. I restarted twice.

First time I played, golden key was there, in the fireplace.
But second time, my flashlight turned into a pink key too, when I tried to use it here...
This 'ghostly' purple key is useless, of course, and do not act as a flashlight ;-)

Replayed and still no key. Found 71 orbs, but without key I cannot get third gem. I'll check back later to see if someone discovered the bug or if there is a sequence you need to follow/avoid to get the key.

Same here, I even restarted from Melting-Mindz, website, still not gold key in the passageway, left of clock mantle

Where is hint for 5 number box?

Disappointing...golden key does not appear!? Restarted, still not there. I give up...big X.

map = https://personal.filesanywhere.com/FS/M.aspx?v=8a6b658e589aa275716c

@RobinRob : Hint for 5 numbers is on the pillar next to stairs, first room left from the start

OK - cleared my cookies and restarted and now I have the gold key!

Good for you, Puffin. I can't find it. Been all over the correct room.

I cant either...restarting 1 more time

Sorry! I had all orbs when checking the game. It's fixed now! Thanks everyone!

@Selfdefiant Thanx for caring... Another issue : I tried after clearing cookies. Now I can grab yellow key again, even with no orbs. But when you put the 3 red crystals and summon the 'guy', he asks me for xxx orbs... And I can't go back...

why is my piano not working? It should be C, E, B, G, D, Right? Lowest notes to highest? Nothing happens for me...thanks.

@Zoe, piano is CEBGDA

Zoe, a last thing

@zone there is a 6th note that is hard to see

Game worked completely fine, thanks seldefiant

Oh thanks - didn't see that fingerprint on the A key...

So I must go back and start over from the very beginning and then go through finding the purple key and the flashlight before I can even see if the magical gold key has miraculously appeared???
No, enough is enough.

I still can't find a problem with the gold key. Everything else should be working now. Thanks!

no gold key for me either. Cleared my cookies, etc. Maybe it's because I'm using FF??

Strange...I clicked on an empty space in my inventory and the flashlight disappeared and a purple key appeared. The "new" purple key does not open the gold door.

Maybe that will help, SD? Clicking on an empty inventory space causing the problem?

In another game I clicked on an empty space in my inventory and one of the gems disappeared...

Ok...third game I got the flashlight before any of the gems, and then I DID see the gold key.
Don't know if that matters.

I'm working on it. It seems to be something only happening if you do it just so... Sorry!

Gold key is still missing, watched the walkthrough to know the exact spot, also restarted 3 times.... no gold key

POP! I figured it out and now it's fixed! Really sorry!

I've played twice in FF a couple of minutes ago and everything went just fine both times. Thx Selfdefiant!

Everything's going fine now... Thank you SD ;-)

71 orbs, flashlight, two gems. Weird symbol on bottles tells me I must have missed the third gem somewhere. any help. I am pretty sure I have opened all the rooms ;)

@Mrs B in view where is a sort of bicycle, go upstairs 2x, you'll find a box for code bottle

thank you seb. I am having bug/crash issues at the moment. Gonna hang back for a bit. I am thankful for the hint.

Great game, SD! I am glad that I got here way late after all the bugs had been worked out. I got out with 75 orbs total. Don't tell me there were more.....

Same here @Bear

Where is the flashlight???

Flashlight is in the room with all the junk. Two up from the purple door. It's on a table on the left

I found 75 orbs and am assuming that was all of them. Glad to see SD go to so much trouble to track down the problems. I had NO trouble here and thought the piano was broken until i noticed the very dark last finger print high up on the A key and did a facepalm lol. Not a bad game and more entertaining than the crystal hunters but I still enjoy those very much. I have been critical of SD lately and am happy to give praise and credit when due. THANKS FOR FOLLOWING THROUGH TO TEH END TO HELP PEOPLE SD. Kudos.

Game not loading for me. :( Idk why

I had a really hard time seeing the marks on the piano keys. I tried everything and nothing worked until I snapped a pic on my phone and enlarged the hell out of it, and finally saw I had missed a dot on the 6th key. Frustrating.

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