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Prepare Your Breakfast Escape Walkthrough

Prepare Your Breakfast Escape

Maymay - Prepare Your Breakfast Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Maymay. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Anybody want breakfast?

4# on plant

Teabag has clue

check the teabag carefully

Tea cup has 3#

No tea byassen please! Need you here:))

Knife for door

check nife. Code for door into new room.

fill up cup with water.

then into the boiler,

Clue under eggs not working?

there is a picture of a cup left and right over the plate of food-picture, but can't figure it out, yet.

can take the waterboiler now.

Take kettle, put hot water on cup then put tea

Got the code!

Put measuring cup in blender, back off then come back, it will fill up to 200 but still can't figure out the code

Jackpot! Empty the coffee first

Slightly bruteforced the last door code, but out. Thanks! Nice game!

Butter for color code

Butter the toast, put on toaster then leave then come back

butter on knife, then putted the toast in toaster... Nothing happende... Maybe toast before butter?

Toast for shapes code

got it. Out.

Can't figure out last code. I see one D, two faces...?

Prefer to drink almost everything else, before tea, but nice game.

Last code: find what have you got in your inventory first

Urban, check cup and eggs

@byassen: that was for left/right code.

You got the plate with the faces first, so the faces with the right direction come first, cup of tea has line the second thing that appeared, then d was the last thing youve got

Rules are rules byassen! Tea first:))

Thanks @dazzy!

@Urban, I know... But the cup has a line.
@Dazz: Coffee for breakfast, stronger "liquid" friday night. Happy weekend.

for exit door code use sd on table where plate was ;)


Was there a hint why the order of the three symboly was what it was for the final code? I had the three symbols, but have absolutely no idea about why the order was what it was... it was easy to brute force it, but I'd love to know how I was supposed to know.

@bio: the order comes from the stuff you collect in your inventory, you got the plate with egg that had the faces first, then you saw the line when you filled the cup with tea for word code, and finally you got the d when you buttered the toast and heated it

Dazz: so the ordfer was supposed to be defined by the order in time I collected the objects?
Wow. MayMay uses better hints than that... A bit disappointed - but the rest of the game was good like usually.

Thanks for the info!

Yw! And enjoy your breakfast!

Great game! Don't think I'm going to try putting the butter on my bread BEFORE I toast it...

Seb...thanks for the SD on the table hint!

LOL, that butter may not be "real", but at least it's not "dirty".

@ bio, the symbols for exit door were on the items, visible when you put them on the table.

What is that awesome? Pixelhunting game with not working code, besides without any walkthrough. Tried it three times and quit.

Put water in kettle, but can't fill cup no matter what I do.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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