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Rock Brick Castle Escape 2 Walkthrough

Rock Brick Castle Escape 2

Games4King - G4K Rock Brick Castle Escape 2 is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. You are locked in the rock brick castle, and you try to escape the castle as quickly as you can! Use your wits to piece together the clues and escape! Good luck and have fun!

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Going in

Key behind plant

Box of colors for arrows

Clue paper with letters and numnbers for letter code

Dazz I am so stuck on Green Yellow Red buttons when you get there. PLS.

I have been in for a bit.

Ipad gives 4#

Coming bandy!

Blue piece is for clock

Thanks I will POP if I get it. LOL

Key in barrel last left

Paper with black and gren lines for the 8 buttons

Box with colors for 4# with colors

Hi everyone. joining now.

Rope under click, combine with red ball and place it on barrel

Bandy combine traffic with lcu clue last room right

Hi jen!

I don't get it that is were I am stuck?

Red pin for pipe in barrel room

I guess I am NOT joining you. Game won't load even with Adblock off.
have fun.

Hmm @dazz: you skipped some steps on the way... Which blue piece is for the clock? And where to get it?

POP immediately, haven't seen a place for blue flower in first view

For example,left says cdu

C is for red in the left side of the traffic,d is for yellow,up for green....

Urban Clock gives 2 things look close at clock when you put in right time.

Colors for sliders

CDU ? I might need the box with 4 colors hint then first?

Bandy i think youre misding a room, ahead in room where 4# colors are

AWWW I get it now!!

Pfew, good thing the left right birds gave 3 masks. Thought I was missing a lot of masks.
Great game :)

Ribbon gives clue you combine with letters for letter code in last right room

That will give you your clue for the monsters

Sd goes on picture where your zombie is

Sd and 17 for 4# where birds are

Sure need help with posting clues here guys! This one has lots of rooms

Paper with blue arrows for birds

Sliders were confusing


I am playing catch up Dazz Stupid 3 color buttons held me up LOL

If you still have trouble with traffic


No problem bandy! Im out

Thanks I am slowing makeing it LOL

I know bandy! You have trouble with colors, thats why i spoilt it

I was actually referring to small and urban, but no matter!

UUGG Dang colors!!!

Hey where is jenny? I assureyou i didn't set my zombie on her

Where are you bandy?

If youre stuck on the other letter code:


Jenny could not load she gave up.

PWHEEW Finally made it Thank you for the help!!

I got all skulls but im still waiting for you bandy!....( to steal one from you!)

I got all mine ?

Sorry you had trouble bandy! Nice job

That was a tuff one but good!!

LOL just that 3 button one got me!!

They go on the 6 holes bandy!

Hey urban! Didn't notice i skipped something and made you post, does that mean i got 9/10?))

I got so totally lost that I had to see a video of the walkthrough. I'm such a loser, why do I keep trying these!!!??? Dazz's 6:52 and 6:55 hints meant nothing! Eeck.

Oh! I missed the ow clock, some of the numbers changed.

@silver..sorry to dissapoint you!!


And i believe i explained that 6:58,then posted it

Game is not loading.

Game is not loading.

Very very similar to another game from a few months back (ok, maybe 6 months or more but regardless it's a lot of borrowed puzzles and scenes).

Just what I needed after over 12 hours flying!
Thank you G4K team.

Great game G4K! Thank you! ThxACxo

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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