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Room Escape 16 Walkthrough

Room Escape 16

Dassyutu Game - Room Escape 16 is another Japanese point and click type escape the room game developed by InfoWEB. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi, nice game so far, but I'm now completely stuck going around in circles. I've got 9 coins, I've use most of the things in the inventory but the first place is still black, so is the fourth row and the right place in seventh and ninth rows. I still haven't used 123* memo, the scale and the phone and I still haven't found the mouse and I have no idea what to do with the scale and/or where to put it. It seams that I should already have the number code for the lower part of the fridge, but I don't know it(it probably has something to do with 123* memo). Does anyone has any hints on what to do next?

hi jas,have you worked out the shapes yet ?

What's going on with the steamy fish tank?

jas, use 123* clue for fridge. * is 8 on keyboard. My last coin was under the cabinet with puzzles.

not to worry,i brute forced it

Hi Kevaus, do you mean the shapes that are on the blue squares on which you flash with the light? I've done those (the hint for solving that is on the paper with door and directions how to turn if anyone is stuck there.
And I found the last coin now - it was on the left side of the electricity socket under the tank table.

Jorge - have you found the spray yet? Use it on the tank for the color hint.

thanks jas,jorge use spray on steam for colour hint

Thanks folks. Hunting for the spray bottle now

Thanks Kevaus - that worked! I thought I have to do some mats there, not just insert the right number - overthinking I guess ;)

Alright. Can you help me locate the spray bottle? I'm pixel hunting like crazy

jas that was nomelted that gave the fridge code,not me lol

out now,thanks all for the help !

I just realized that maybe the hint for the last number on the 123* memo is the octagon in the sink.
After you get apples from the bottom of the fridge you use them on the scales (and you remove two of them) to get the clue for phone, but now I'm stuck again not knowing what to do next or where and how to use the phone, any hints?

sorry jorge i can't remember where spray was now

use phone to scan hints

Sorry for the mistake Kevaus, thank you Nomelted for the hint! Jorge I don't remember exactly where it was, but it was in one of the drawers, have you opened the upper part of the fridge yet, if you have use the spoon in the back of it for the second part of one of the hints.

Kevaus I've tried doing that, but I just haven't found the place to scan yet, I've noticed that there is darkened image of a paper with notes and a bar code (or however is that one called), but I don't have that paper and I can't scan it there, do you maybe remember where it was?

i think the music hint paper was delivered after scanning another hint,or maybe from scales number in phone,not sure now

Thanks for the help. I still haven't found it but I'm leaving for now and I'll come back later and if anyone finds it, please leave a comment where it was.

Jas- it's in front of the door

that was nice- my biggest problem was finding out where to use the red key. Sneaky!

Thanks Enzed and everyone else for help, I'm finally out! Really nice and quite challenging game, five stars from me.

And here's a hint for the sneaky red key if anyone gets stuck - look very well on the computer screen and use it there.

jas,if you are still here,please help with shapes order,i dont get it :D

POP....got it :D

ok,now i have a spray bottle

cool, 123* memo is used on fridge ,i have apples now ....

"piano" clue gave me the mouse

....and out :D....thanks for comments ,that helped a lot even i had to read them twice ,gooooood game !


For those of you that thought you had to run through every shape clockwise, counter-clockwise, clockwise. Nope. It is only 4 clicks. Door symbol, left of door symbol, right of door symbol, opposite of door symbol. Star, square, circle, triangle.

Hi, can you tell me please where 123* clue is ? can't find it anywhere...

POP found it

Star, square, circle, triangle = crap
out by big red X

Use the red key on the computer screen....

On my keyboard, * corresponds to µ...

To all of you who posted, "where is ___", followed by "POP, nvm, found it": Thank you. Thank you so much for the helpful comments!

Oh, thanks, Espat, it was hopeless, tried zillion versions, thought that the door was only painted there as a hint for the arrows, never realized that I have to use the door-wall symbol first.

I like Infoweb alot, but the hint for the shapes was a pain. Anyway, here we go.

1. top seat in the couch.
2. below nice black table
3. top of the white shelves
4. on right red barstool
5. between two bottles
6. click socket below table with aquarium, on the left of it
7. in the open part of the hanging cabinet.
8. click piano ... below the chair
9. on the seat of red chair in front of computer
10. below the brown cupboard.

Click couch, click it again to find a key.
The key opens the piano.

Take the bucket behind the bar.
Take the spoon out of the sink.
Fill the bucket with water there.

Take the icecream out of the fridge, start eating and take the green key.
Use spoon on the wall inside the fridge to scratch off the ice = a number.

Go to aquarium and fill it with water.
Go to brown cabinet, open middle drawer for an electric cord. Put it in the socket, click top of aquarium and the button to turn it on = steam.

Go to cabinet next to the door, use green key to open the right door = a digital watch.
Open the left door (no key needed) = a scale.

Go to brown cabinet and click left drawer.
The watch shows the arrows, the fridge wall the order in which to click them = a torch.

Click the white shelves next to the door. The light spot shows something's there : a paper!
Go around the room and use the torch on the blue squares. Note wall and position of the shapes.
The paper shows the order, thanks Expat for explaining.
1. the wall with the door
2. the wall left of that
3. the wall right of the door
4. the wall opposite of the door
This opens right drawer in brown cabinet = spray.

Use spray on the steam = colour-order,
to open the left door in brown cabinet = paperhint.
This opens the freezer. If you do it correctly (*=8) you get three apples.
I think if you do (*=0) you get one.
Put the apples on the scale = a number.
Take the phone from the black table.
Put the number in .... aargh !! Wrong.
Start eating two apples, till one remains = correct number .. the phone works.

You ordered a music sheet, take it at the door.
About item and use the phone to read.
Go to piano and start playing = a word.
Go to brown cabinet, open middle door = computer mouse.

Attach mouse to computer. Click it, look at the numbers.
Click those buttons on the hanging cabinet = red key. Use key on the safe on the computer-screen = word.
This one opens the right door at brown cabinet = final doorkey.


Great game - haven't seen one from this maker in ages. Thanks for the hints y'all!

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