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School 7 Escape Walkthrough

School 7 Escape

GamesBold - School 7 Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Bold. It is time to go home after study in the school, but you are late because you have to complete the task of the teacher. Unfortunately, your cruel friends cause a chaos in the classroom, you were surprised when enter it, even more surprised because suddenly your teacher came, he saw it and order you to clean it up. You are forced to do that before you can go home and escape from the school. Good luck and have fun!

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Hate the way cursor is too slow

Paper stacks go in room 5

letters go on blackboard with chinese flag

Placed one pencil in room 1 but thats all

I guess you place one pencil in each room

2 pencils for room 2
1 eraser in room 1, bottom table

2 books in room 3, one board as well, one board eraser in room 4 on teacher's desk

I place one stupid thing and find 10 stupid things to collect, not doing so great in schoolwork

whiteboard erasers are placed on teachers desks or near white-/blackboards...
I stuck with 1 last whiteboard eraser...

Sigh..Same here hotz..got detention

This game sucks

I give up and take this last board eraser with me.
stupid clickfest

last eraser goes in last room on top of white board…top left corner.

That's just stupid placement of things in the interior but still with so many places I absolutely do not like.These games place in the category of iskalok.

Placed anything, I could find, but the game doesn´t finish. Can´t find any more item. Not the best kind of games, I guess.

For those that want to torture themselves here is the item placement:

1 - wallboard, books, pencil, ruler, pink eraser
2 - wallboard, 2 books, 2 pencils
3 - wallboard, 2 books, ruler, pencil, whiteboard eraser
4 - 4 letters, whiteboard eraser, books, 2 rulers, pink eraser, pencil
5 - whiteboard eraser, wallboard, 6 papers
6 - wallboard, pink eraser, whiteboard eraser, 2 rulers
7 - whiteboard eraser, pink eraser, 2 books, pencil, ruler

how/why does one program the cursor to be so slow and clumsy?

I quit. hate these click-fest games.

This is a reverse pixel hunt

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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