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Sneaky Road Trip: Hong Kong Walkthrough

Sneaky Road Trip: Hong Kong

Sneaky Road Trip Hong Kong is another point and click hidden object game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. Sneaky is traveling around the world searching for lost items. This time he's in Hong Kong China! Explore the city searching for all of the missing items. Find them all quickly for a high score. Good luck and have fun!

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If you go to menu and than back, you have to find everything again... (I was searching for mute button)

This was the hardest ever, I had to skip all but the first. And I am not sure if it is end, after finishing 5th view, the next button under the score doesn't work.

Items are way too small. Not a very enjoyable game :(

Can the hit boxes for the shapes be made slightly bigger than the shapes themselves? Especially around the doves? If you click a little between the wing and the tail, you get dinged for it.

I zoomed my screen to 300%, that worked better than the magnifier for me.

Total score 1747. I think if that was the end. Had three dings that shouldn't have counted.

I zoomed to 300% and still couldn't find the last $ sign in the scene with the big circle K sign in the middle

Wow, I actually managed to get through the whole game without any misclicks, for a total score of 2382.

Could the music have been any more annoying?

I like this type of games and I was able to find everything in the game, but please SD (and any other developer) please make the ability to mute the music, I mostly listen to podcasts and stuff while playing games so the no possibility of muting the music is really annoying! And we also all have different taste of music, so the music someone likes is often annoying to others. I know SD you do give this possibility in most (if not all) of the games and you might just have forgotten this time, but if it was intentional please next time allow us to mute the music.

@jas, just a tip, most newer operating systems allow you to mute applications individually. So even if the game has no mute option, you can just go into your volume mixer and mute Flash, and go on listening to podcasts to your heart's content. I do this all the time.

Beavinator - thanks for the tip, but I do often listen podcasts on youtube so muting flash mutes youtube also. And I use firefox which mostly has the ability to mute tabs separately, but that wasn't the option in this one.

Hey jas, unless I'm mistaken, YouTube by default uses HTML5 instead of Flash, unless you've specifically requested otherwise. Go to youtube.com/html5 to check your settings. If you use HTML5 you can mute Flash and still listen to YouTube.

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