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Sushi Shop Escape Walkthrough

Sushi Shop Escape

EscapeCafe - Escape from Sushi Shop is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Escape Cafe. In this game, you must find some items and solve puzzles to make your way out of the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Lol, they're back. Long time since these have been posted. But still the same concept. Find the tricky hotspots and do the maths.

Yep, they're back.



Counter, get chopsticks and cup
Inside cup, there is a key. I advise you to take it.
There is also a number inside cup. There is always a number. And shapes.
Moving on
Click on chef, until he stops giving you stuff
Choose sashimi (or is it sushi? The rice with fish on top), pick under tuna, see number.
Click under table
Surprise!!!!!!! There is a safe. I'll bet we need to click behind it.
I was wrong. I mean, you can click, but nothing happens. Indulge yourself
Open safe with key, pick lighter. Light lighter.
Click on stool. Pick paper
Select paper, use ligher on it.
Guess what... shapes. Told you so.
Select sashimi (the one with fish eggs), click left, see number
We need square (on sushi, 35), triangle (on sashimi, 9), star and circle (cup, 21).
Back on counter... click top left of towel. Missed that spot... KEY!!!
Need star... damn, pick chopsticks. They did not go on inventory (need coffee, not sushi), but you can pick them again. Select upper part... yes, there is star number.
Now you have 4 numbers, an equation on paper...
You do the math.
(clue: it's under 115)
With second key, open safe, input code, and voila


Lol Jon, yes I clicked behind the safe too just out of habit

yes, me too ...

Love IT
Missed them

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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