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The Abandoned Water Park Escape Walkthrough

The Abandoned Water Park Escape

Escape007Games - The Abandoned Water Park Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Escape 007 Games. Assume that you are trapped inside the abandoned water park. The water park was closes long time ago. It’s a great challenge for you. Collect the necessary object and solve puzzles and try to escape from there. Good luck and have fun!

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sneaky hook left of building with 3 slides

What to do with blue cloth?

sneaky glass in middle of starting scene

my last glass at base of pillar in scene left of gear puzzle

There's glasses scene before the stairs, use cloth for symbol order

sneaky pentagon at base of building with 3 slides

Sorry, Yvonne, can you clarify?

Okay, I found them.

Trying to figure out the gears puzzle.

sneaky slider piece in same scene as slider puzzle. it's just right of the left navi arrow.

what to do after placing ladder? I can't remember I have found something there.

Gear puzzle was trial and error.
out now

If I remember, placing ladder just opens an arrow to the next location but the arrow isn't by the ladder

ah ok, thanks Just

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yvonne, have you seen the comment sysin3 @ 11:54 AM?
the black hook is in far left (last) scene, combine it with stick

where do i use the cloth?

where to use 5 numbers from last scene?

and whats up with the bricks.....i can only press one

Tony read my comment 12.04

Hotzenplotz on the wall scene with gear puzzle in background

ah, thanks tony wallace. 5# for bricks :)

scene before the stairs???

Hotzenplotz, thank you :)

nvm got it

where is the place for the 5 glasses?

]missing 2 gears and 2 pentagons for the slider

I am disappointed about the gear 'puzzle'. after moving the ball and rotating the gears I realized I can 'jump' above the second gear from right. this gear was pointed to left and down.

haha..take the right glass first and you can put it togethet for wordclue

The place for word is left of start scene

black düsseldorf, just try every glass for a detail view

thank you Hotz, I found it and I´m out now....with a little luck with the gearpuzzle :o)

just missing 2 gears i think

the ones not on the lines

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and where are the 5 numbers that you speak of

5 numbers are on the house wall in far left scene. hard to see

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This comment has been removed by the author.

I have looked until I am sick of looking and still haven't found the final slider piece. Is it really necessary to make these games a pixel hunt? Really pisses me off.

Ryan, I don't know if you need another piece. I thought I did, but I was able to solve the puzzle.

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WOW! This one was great! I never did figure out what the ladder was for but everything else was really cool!!!Thank you!

What is solution to puzzle in first scene (beachball, flotation device, ladder, umbrella)?

Julie, use cloth on glasses

Missing middle piece of paper, and last pentagon. Any help?

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