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The Adventures of Miss Libellule: Mother of the Bird Men Walkthrough

The Adventures of Miss Libellule: Mother of the Bird Men

[REPLAY] The Adventures of Miss Libellule: The Mother of the Bird Men is another point & click adventure type escape game developed by Jo99. In this game with a very special graphic atmosphere, your aim is to help Miss Libellule in her latest adventure. Indeed: our heroine needs your help, as there are a lot of puzzles to solve in the valley of despair, and she cannot do it alone. Explore the environment to find and use items and hints for solving all the puzzles you'll encounter along the way. Good luck and have fun! ☺ [Submitted by Nicop]

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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man, oh man, i love these games...they're a blast!

eye candy a-go-go!

in red room: go upstairs, solve jigsaw and you will see a clue on the door for bird lady..
(normal mode)

hard going LOL

What red room? I see a bus and a door with an eagle on it.
I have a key, from man sitting and 3 gems from bus.

What do I do next?

use green diamond shape with eye on lady bird up on tree

jenny it is a car key :)

LOL thanks hotz!

oh, don't miss red coin right of solved jigsaw

zoom zoom, jenny.

some coins/items are used more than once, so try to take it back

well I opened several rooms now..

set a mirror room top of steps..

bird foot is used next to blue bird behind bridge

don't forget to collect the door bird from where you crashed through outside of the entrance.

Where is mirror to set at top of steps?

upstairs, the phoenix has a heart of fire...

This game is too crazy for me.
too busy in the backgrounds everywhere.
red X for me.

well,looks like a nice game :D

where this claw and heart?

where to use red/blue assembled coin?
and how to activate blue gem?

leroy, see my comment at 1:14 PM. there is a torch....

hotz, i'm right there with you...and, i think i'm missing a fish coin...simply retracing my steps now and reading the book.

leroy, the claw was in the fish room...the heart, i can't remember.

no heart, just fire...

I am so stuck, still have in inventory: red blue assembled coin, green bird coin and tree coin and book, 2 scrolls.
any idea?

yeah found torch LOL

Combine the red/blue coin with the tree coin. No idea were ti use it yet/

out finally..

Leroy, where to use red/blue coin?

the coin gets used in 3 pole room..
Ya need to drop rope outside fire room..

you should have clue to all 3 gems..

how to drop rope?

and how to activate blue gem?

wheel on picture puzzle guy top of stairs I think...

you use wavy thing in last fish room?

i dont think i will get out,but i give 5 stars for this great game with great graphics :D

I placed a blue flower item in fish room to open the 'table'
what wavy thing?

Wavy thing is on the bottom right on table of half fish guy, put it on the closed part of table.
Thanks Leroy :) out now. Great game.

thank you!!!!

All good then LOL

me too got in the fish room,but i have no blue flower,also missing the blue part of the 2 colors coin


Make sure you take the green coin back, you need it on several places to open boxes.

oh,got the blue part for the coin now :D

finally out. thank you all for help!!!!

yes dutchie,thank you...can you describe the place i should use the b-r coin? :D

red/blue coin is used in the middle of red blue green gems.

Now this is a beautifully bizarre little gem of a game. Developers like Jo99 should be put on a pedestal and given the respect they rightfully deserve for having pride in their creations and putting lots of love and creativity in their designs. Contrast that to alot of the other 'shovel ware' being released on a daily basis. I have all the respect in the world for these few developers who take the time to design something that is actually fun and *unique*. Kudos to you Jo99! Your previous games are also deserving of praise.

oh,but i still didnt activated the blue gem...

how do you go down rope, I clicked everywhere and cannot get down. have all items used except gems, moon coin, and tree coin

PeteBarbu, have you found the fish?
note dutchie @ 2:12 PM

fred, you can't go down the rope. moon/face coin is used on module, where you placed 3 gems

okay, then where is module?

ah, after solving the jigsaw, the rope is moving...

module is at the end of this rope :)
if you are in cave, go down.

yes Hotz ,i just found it ,blue gem is active now :D

I am stuck, got all the way to end, and cannot finish. no walkthrough button so I can finish. Rope is down, It will not let me go down no matter where I click.

In the scene where car is, click down arrow to get in final room.

Fred, you have to move down the rope. the rope will move after solving jigsaw upstairs in red room.
if you are facing the car, go down to see a 'module' at the end of the rope. place moon/face coin to open this module, so you can place 3 gems...

thank you, finished now. right in front of me the whole time.

Were is the blue scroll please?

Melenia, in second fish room, you can take a page from book on the right and use in it in your book...

where is the blue part of the red/blue coin...
need to get out soon, before I have a seizure!

@Hotz please do you remember where piece shape star goes ?

Thanks you help me with your comments every time

seb, is it blue from behind the bridge? so use it on table in fish room.

Melenia you are welcome :)

Yes great ! thanks a lot Hotz

star used fish room.. dont forget use wavy part on table there..

Weird, strange, and great game.

good game and thanks all for help

EnJoy, blue part is in table in fish room.
on this table you can take 2 items (on corners) use it next to blue bird...

Thank you Hotz! and thanks for everyone for leaving great hints!

Awesome game with absolutely gorgeous graphics!

I love these kind of games, I was looking for them a while back, but I couldn't remember who was the developer, thanks for posting this.

Can anyone remember where the tree coin came from? I think that's all I'm missing.

I think tree coin was in tree: green room, go in tree and activate the cage, go ahead and use sun coin...

Oh! and the right half of the square wotsit for the cage...?

Thanks, Hotz - I guess I need to complete the square wotsit first!

POP - forgot about those coloured squares!

Yay! Awesome game!!

game is super! but I have a bug: the torch doesn't work for a bird-phoenix (

WALKTHROUGH - Normal mode

Our hero steals the blue gem from the museum.
Chose between easy and normal.

The team drives off to the cave.
Click the rock at the entrance.
A sailor comes and takes it away.
click down arrow and zoom in on the driver.
We steal the key from the driver and go into the truck.
In the glove-compartment there are three gems, red, blue and green.
We turn on the engine and break into the cave.

Take the face-coin from the bird up right.
Go forward, behind the truck.

Take the dead bird on the left.
Take the purple book.
The pages in the book sort of show what we need to find and do.
Clicking the arrow takes you back outside, click forward to get back to the hall.

Go left into RED
Go upstairs.
Take the torch.
Click the blue-looking panel on the statue and do the Picture-It.
Take the oval button at the right of it, and click the round wheel below it.
Zoom out, move over the door.
Go downstairs and click the wheels left of the figure on the wall to make it look as the example on the door shows.
Click the handle up right and take half a circle.
Zoom out, place the oval button on its place below the bird, take ‘mirror’.

Go upstairs again, the door is open.
Place the ‘mirror’ on the little pillar right of blue arrow.
Zoom in on the small bird on the left. Use the torch to set its heart on fire.
Zoom out, go through the open door.

Place the dead bird on the bird-shape on the left.
Take the scroll with red gem on the right.

Go back to the hall.

Go left into GREEN
Take the purple flower on the right.
Take the blue flower on the left.
Go forward to the bridge and take the green flower a little to the left.
Go back and zoom in on the tree-door.
Place the three flowers, click the handle on the left, go through.

Inside the TREE
Click the bird on the left, take the diamond shape.
Go up.
Take the scroll with green gem from the bird.
Place the diamond on the box it is holding, observe the effect.
Two balls are active now.

Climb down and click the swirling birds to see what’s there.

Go out of the tree and forward again to

Click the item the bird on the right is holding.
Take the round bird-button.
Place it again on its place, take the tear and see the colourorder.
Take the round bird-button back again.
Zoom out and place the tear on the bird on the left.
Click the bridge …. zoom in on the door to see what’s there.

Go back to the tree and click

Left of the TREE
Set the colours as the box showed, turn the wheel up right, take a rectangle part.
Place the round bird-button next to the wheel, take a second part, and take back the button.
Click one of the parts, click the other part to combine them.

Go back into the tree, place the combined parts on the cage, free that bird.
Take the sun that drops.
Zoom in on the swirling birds, place the sun on the green one.
Go forward, take the tree-button.

Now, cross the bridge again by clicking on it, place the round bird-button on the shield of the birdfish.
Take the button back again and go inside.

Zoom in on the table with the headless fish.
Take the small wave down right and the claw up right.
Go back, out of the aquarium and place the claw up left.
Take the blue sun-button.
Back into the aquarium, place the sun on the table.
Take the eye-button.
Place it on the table.
Take half a circle. Click it and combine it with the other half.
Click the complete circle and combine it with the tree-button.
Place the wave on the shape left, take the fish.
Zoom out and place the fish on the left statue.
Click on the puzzle it reveals.

Turn the wheels to make a circle.

The screen opens. (Not necessary if you’re playing the ‘easy’ mode. To open the screen where the large fish is swimming, click down right of it, on the small cyan tile where the arrow turns red, left of the larger green bush.

Second Aquarium Room
Take the star down left. Click the book the birdfish is reading.
Click the blue circle on the left page, a star-shape pops up.
Place the star, the last ball lights up.

Read the book again, there’s a sheet on the right page.
Take it.

Go back to the truck and click the down arrow.
That’s where the birds that were freed went!
Click the small face below the red bird.
Place the face-button up left.
Look at the two scrolls with the symbols for the green gem and the red gem.
Open the purple book, go to the blue page, place the sheet.
Note the shape that is singled out.

Place the three gems.
Set the symbols.
The black/white circle is active now, click it.
Place the tree-button.
Click the hand that appears down right.

Watch the ending.

If you click the down button and see an eye, then you forgot to click the wheel in RED.
So, up the stairs again, zoom in on the blue panel and click the wheel down right.
A rope appears, pulling up the eye, lowering the bird with face-shape.

What a cute game - love the art!

Very impressive game! WOW on the graphics. This is truly a masterpiece.

I very much appreciate all the obviously hard work and detail that went into both the thought process needed to play this game, and the incredible graphics! WELL DONE!

@arrie NL - I miss the days when people actually posted walkthroughs instead having to read through 50 separate posts to get help when you're stuck. Thanks for posting!

Everyone keeps talking about how great the artwork is in Jo99's games, as well as the puzzle design, and I agree wholeheartedly, but I feel one of the best things about his games has still gone unmentioned, and that's the music. It's just amazing, always so stirring, and it's just BRILLIANT the way it plays the same song throughout the game but continues to build on it and add new layers of instrumentation the more progress you make in the game, such that what started as simple ambience has become an intense masterpiece by the final screen. Just excellent stuff.

Superb! Can I give it 10 stars, please.

Thank you Jo99.

Great game, gonna play the other two some other time. Ten zilion stars :-)

I seldom comment but this is an outstanding development effort. Beautiful game. I suggest making use of the "Save" option periodically. Still not out but thanks for the hints!

Totally, utterly, mindblowingly wonderful....

Where do I find the 3-colors clue for the device left of the tree?

In the item the creature next to the bridge is holding.

If you scroll up you find a written walkthrough India_Indie, perhaps it will help you if you are stuck.
If not, please ask, I check every now and then.

Hint: The round, green bird button is used twice. Use it near the bridge, pick it up again and then use it left of the tree with the 3-color device.

Correction, the round green bird button is used three places.

The three flowers for the door on the tree are pixel hunts. I also found it very difficult to find the spot to put the mirror in the room where the phoenix was, and it took several placements of the torch to find the right spot afterwards too. Great game, great building music. Graphics are a bit much, but certainly a 5 star game!

I agree that this is a brilliant game, and I enjoyed every minute of it.
But, I have to add that Arrie's WT was worth 10 stars! @Arrie, you have taken on the role of superb WT writer, and I, for one, can't thank you enough! Arrie ROCKS!!!

:) thanks, this game and Rusty Lake both needed one, didn't they?
I really enjoyed them.

If I had to complain about this game, I would say that the next installment is not out soon enough.

Wonderful game ! Thank you !

what this game essentially says is that the only way life will look beautiful is if you work hard for it as well as explore new things

       Anonymous  2/17/18, 2:39 AM  

caught this one from the random section

thx a lot, Jo, for all your phat creations ☺

love these games going in

oops crashed the van

Got stuck for squ button to go on birdcage

got her flying finished great game thanks Jo99 thanks for posting

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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