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The Witch and the Child Walkthrough

The Witch and the Child

Esklavos - The Witch and the Child is another point and click adventure type escape game developed by Esklavos. The Queen’s son has been kidnaped by an evil witch. Help the child and escape from this fantasy world. Good luck and have fun!

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Into the bottle to collect the juice from the tree.Rake to collect the grass,where thick the hammer. When to finish the Scarecrow,gotta pick up the boy. The key in exchange for the boy.

play skulls for bone.

bone in map…

how do I get the talisman in bunny forest, light under the? ve already 3 stk

How do i get off the first scene ?

You get off the first scene by using the bone on the map. To get the bone click the skulls (with wand) in the order the hint gives.

Excellent game - a bit more complicated than earlier ones.

Marita - charge your wand on the ogre's crystal

'm out took that last talisman

Thank you Federico, I never tire of these

Thanks Federico! Excellent game!

always to short for a lovely game like this :o)

"No Easter game", lol. Once I figured out to charge the wand on the gem, it got pretty easy. Thanks.

A bit trickier than usual..

How do I get out of the ogre scene?

Give worm to bird in Ogre's tree and you'll get a leaf. Worm is in 1st scene. Fill bucket with water and pour on worm

How do I get out of the ogre scene?

*fill flask with water

you can put things you find on map (bone, leave...)to go to another view
when you are in ogre scene click on doll/witch on map to return in start view

or put leaf (from giving worm to bird in tree) on map to go in new view

sorry Janet, no refresh!

nice game

How do you solve the fish puzzle?

yes, how do you solve the fish puzzle and what do you do with the bag of leaves/grass please?

Use charcoal on bag of leaves to make scarecrow head

The fish puzzle - align the fish so they spell out the reverse F that was on one of the signs

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Fish - so top left, top right, middle right (can't remember if it was 3rd or 4th down) middle left, bottom right. It should glow to show you the backwards F outline

Would love it if some peeps could leave some more clues/hints.
My ogre doesn't want his crystal...am i supposed to charge it or something? And someone said to charge the wand with the crystal, but that doesn't work...still need 1 knife, a talisman or 2, can't get the one under the mushroom . . . couple other things i was stuck with, but i've since closed out my game.
Good luck everyone still trying to complete this game.

Hi TAS, you need to place the crystal in the rock in front of the ogre rather than giving it to him. Then you can touch it with the wand to charge it. Use the charged wand to get the talisman on the ground next to the bunny.

i like the happy expression of the mother's child when you bring to her :)

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Hardest part was water to worm. Rest is de rigueur

Hey anybody knows the order of the daggers in Swamp scene?

My God that fish puzzle just SUCKS!

1.how do we open the chest in the swamp sccene- one on down left.
2. what do I do with 413243
3. Where to get the key?
4. Have 3 eggs, four daggers. No more place left to use my shovel. What to do??

and there are the pliers that were not used yet. And the dagger carvings on the wood pieces. I assume Ill get to that once I complete the daggers

the numbers in the castle scene are for the swamp scne


use it on the four green reeds :)

some more spoilers...

key for the chest is in the witch scene...

remember one tool we didn't use?!

Use pliers to get the key.

close your hand post this on three other games then open it

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