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The Zombie Escape 7 Walkthrough

The Zombie Escape 7

InfoWEB - Dassyutu Game: The Zombie Escape 7 is another Japanese point and click type escape the room game developed by Info WEB. It is an adventure game to escape from a zombie. The dead revived as a zombie. Run away to the escape facility. Good luck and have fun!

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The Zombie 7 Walkthrough

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This is rare. Finding a newly posted game:)

it is, isn't aitch? but, yay, i dig infoweb.

And equally rare that I leave so soon.

Haven't seen one of these in a while

Have be in the box for the 4#..new room

Ha! I got killed

Paper is for the spot on the floor

Longer than I thought...but to late for me...gl all

apparently, i'm going to have to die a thousand deaths before i get to the end.

My OCD cant let me leave...where are you at cate?

brett! you're so funny...i got tired of dying, so i went out on the lanai to hit the reset. i'm back now, but are you still here?

well, there must be a bugaboo of some sort, because i can't get past the first aid box this time. i give. brett, i hope you've wrestled your ocd demons and muddled through this, or, better yet, blown this madness off and floated off to dreamland. good luck all, will slay this dragon tomorrow.

Cool!! Im in

Don't worry cate! Im coming to rescue you!!

I only have a memo and I can read the clock. Not sure how to combine them to get a 4 digit # yet

never mind

Looking for a lighter or matches for the dynamite.

Out with 9 coins

I usually love these but it's really annoying that loading a saved game takes you all the way back to the beginning.

dazz, i missed you, called it a day, but you kept the bad dreams away. ;)

Have dynamite and lighter but can't find where to plant it. Have all 10 coins.

Never mind I found it on the right wall in the parking lot.

Don't have a clue on the last puzzle.

OK got it. When at the last gate get the clue from the left then look up at the building in front of you and count the number of each color and compare it to the clue paper.

Nice game, but I wish that if you died you could start in a place before you died, so you wouldn't have to get back so many times ...
I finally found all of the coins:
1. in the second room - left of drawers under the table
2. third room - after you pass the graveyard on the left side of doors
3. on the roof - next to the white block in the left back side of the roof
4. after you enter the room on the roof - on the floor between the headless dummies
5. after you go through the red door - on the road next to the car
6. in the sewers - after you click with light on the car and you see the numbers - you click on the left side
7. after you use key on the boat - on the right side of the boat, next to the green ?entrance cover (or whatever it is)
8. when you enter through the boat code door - in the second room where the fuse is at first - on the lower left side
9. when you enter through the boat code door - in the first room after you use the fuse - next to the radio under the fuse box
10. in the parking lot - you fist click in front of you where you can see the zombies up close and then you click on the left side

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