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Underwater Treasure Escape Walkthrough

Underwater Treasure Escape

FirstEscapeGames - Underwater Treasure Escape is another point and click escape game developed by First Escape Games. Assume that you are on a mission to discover the treasure which has been lost underwater. Explore the underwater region and find the treasure. Use objects and hints for solving puzzles and escape with the treasure. Good luck and have fun!

Play Underwater Treasure Escape

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use hook-thingy with black handle in first and third scene, magnet in first scene so far

Hotz there is a bar in the far right scene on right Magnet used 2x's so far.

Use magnet again in scene with box has a 4 # puzzle

sneaky broom/brush in center of 4. scene

Brush in scene with 2 pink sea horses

OOppS you found it LOL

Use knife in far right scene.

after placing 4 sticks,you will get 4 bubbles with number clue. hard to see, so spoiler ahead


Use brush in scene just before last scene right.

there is a sneaky metal detector in scene with 4-shells-box

Use brush again in start scene.

I stuck with metal detector, rope and color clue and I am missing 1 fish bones and a #clue. any ideas? I can't find any new hotspots...

Color clue is for the color of sea horses, count them for four number box

Same here I need one more green ball also? I still have a rod not used?

I can't see those colors on sea horses!

TY najb

Only hot spot I have is in scene with shells box, in back

I don't have the color clue anymore. Count the green, pink, orange, and purple seahorses and put them in the #box in that order.

Counting the numbers in the bubbles was ridiculous...could barely see them

brett, see my comment above.

anchor (and maybe detector) is used in second scene

bandy I think it was 3423

I'm missing the last fish bone

Thank you yvonne!

I have a bar left and one one hot spot. the shells box scene?

You are welcome as always bandy :)

bandy, this bar in a hammer handle. sorry forgot, where hammer haed was..

can't get fish right

Thanks Hotz. I am about done with this pixel hunt!

hammer head from 3 pearls
pearls: in third scene and use magnet 2x

Out, and never use the detector!

I wish this game maker would give a descrption of the things we collect, I don't have a clue what some of them are

where to put anchor

Where did you GET an anchor???

Sorry but too much random clicking. No way Hose! Good luck guys! This one is not playable.

put the anchor in the big pot thing anchor from fish bones

very nice game good logic TY

need the rope with the anchor

boy we sure trashed up that coral!

I didn't use the detector, but the anchor and rope combo got me out :) color/seahorse # is 3424

The detector will turn green when you pass it over the place to use the anchor & rope.

The lines on the bubbles were impossible for anyone without absolute 20/20 vision to see. I couldn't even see them with my glasses on.

Anchor comes from 4 fish bones box

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