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Work at the Coffee Shop Escape Walkthrough

Work at the Coffee Shop Escape

VitaminHana - Work at the Coffee Shop Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Vitamin Hana. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Pen from shapes, use on apply sheet and give to owner

Use sheet then on clock, then give to owner, then go to customer for cents

Give money to owner, cup for customer

Woman wants sugar, and owner wants coffee , customer will leave, clue for pentagon in cup

Sugar for female customer, turn again and get money from the new comer

Turn around then come back for shapes clue on paper

Give coffee bag to owner, and he will give you hint for 3#

New coffee cup and doughnut for customer

Collect alk cups and give to owner, use sheet on clock again for time leave and give back to him

Very nice game, wander around for new clues

Going in
Clients don't look very friendly,,,

It's a good pay for an hour's work... considering I served only 3 clients...

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Nice Game..Thanks

Go to the door and take the application form.
Go to memoboard and take the pen.
Fill in the form, take it to the owner.
Yippee! You've got a job.

Put the hour-registration card in the box next to the door, take it out again and bring it back. Approach the clients.

Man: Could I please have a cup of coffee? Here's the money.

Lady: I would like to have some sugar, please.
It's in the right cupboard door, but you don't have the combination. You walk around and take the dirty coffeecup. You check the bottom, tadaaa!

Ah! A new client.
She: I'd like coffee with a doghnut, please.
(They're all so very polite, aren't they).

You bring the money to the owner, but he wants you to get new coffee! So many clients today!
The coffee is behind the left door of the cupboard.

You walk around and again and look! Text on the memoboard. You take the coffee + the dirty cup.

The client is happy with her fresh coffee, and you ask the owner how to get the doghnut.
He tells you to count the cups and glasses and spoon first, to know if he has to order more at the local store at the corner.
You use the amount on the glass door and it works!

She is happy with the doghnut.
You walk around, cleaning the tables and take the last dirty coffeecup.
The owner gives you your hour-registration card and at the door you notice an hour has gone by so fast.
When you hand the card to the owner he pays you your 1000 Yen.

Can you tell I had fun with this one? I did.

You come in for coffee, they put you you to work:)

Well, it was delicious!

Wonder what the 1000 I got paid gets converted to in US dollars......

1000 Japanese Yen equals
8.7820 US Dollar

love coffee
Almost as much as wine
Hi Dazzy

Hey joe! You do deserve a nice cup of coffee after a loonnggg day's work

Indentured servitude (you're not allowed to leave the place until you serve your time) but at good wages, apparently.

Excellent game. U probably won't see this comment, but love ur walkthrough arrie (as usual).

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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