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Ancient Underground City Escape Walkthrough

Ancient Underground City Escape

CoolGames8 - Ancient Underground City Escape is another point and click room game developed by Cool Games 8. You find a strange hole on an abandoned mining area, with the curiosity you go into the hole and find something amazing, an underground old city filled with interesting ornaments, but unfortunately you accidentally touch a trap on the floor, and make the exit hole is closed, it's time to find a way out or you will be buried in the ground forever. Good luck and have fun!

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Discus statues in last room. Brickwork towers in first.

OK this is utter stupidity! Grab random objects and guess where they go in 6 rooms. Nothing happens till you guess the exact spot to put 1 of a dozen objects.

Oh and if you are going to insist on covering the screen with popups you can at least have the decency to have the ability to close them without getting 3 or 4 more tabs show up. That's just insulting and rude.

Pretty straightforward if you've played games in this "series" before. Try not to pick up the decoy items (scissors, cherries, hammer, etc.) and just pick up the pairs of items (pillars, piles of stones, etc.). One pair of items goes in each room, and yes, you do have to find just the right spot for them, but then a bunch of other items and black spots appear.

Except now I can't find my last little statue anywhere!

Needing 2 owls and 1 wood carving. Also where to use decoy items (scissors, cherry, water, ink, hammer)

Oops and photo and crystal ball...

That's the trick about these games. You don't use the decoy items, so if you pick them up they clutter your inventory and you can't get rid of the. I'm also looking for the last wood carving (which I thought was a statue). A lot of the owls are VERY tiny, so keep looking. I can't remember which rooms exactly, but I know they were all very, very small.

In a previous game like this, scissors were used on plants and crystal ball + photo were used on masks. Not happening here.

Zuleika--Oh cool, I don't remember that game! I know a couple of other ones like this let you finish the game without using the decoys at all, but if you remember the game where you use them, let me know. That sounds very cool and I think I'd like that even more!

Hi Beatnik Mary :) It was a little while ago. This game-maker just seems to spring them when they feel like it. Like they do with the number puzzle games, or the portal ones. You never quite know what you're going to get, lol.

It's not possible that my last item is BEHIND another item, is it? They wouldn't do that, would they? :(

Oh wow - who knows? I'm still looking for last owl and wood carving. My eyes feel red raw with searching...

Okay, restarting. Maybe I'll see better this time

Zuleika--Did you find the two owls in the second-to-last scene? They're both small

Nope, still can't find last wood carving. Think I'll have to give up.

Popup ads embedded in game. Losers...

Ok... Just 3 Wood Carving.... giving up

I would actually enjoy these games if they made any sense. There should be some kind of reason for the large items to go in a scene, rather than hit or miss. Also, I like difficult, but not impossible. Having one or two items that you just CAN'T find means you can't finish - as is almost always the case with these.

were is the last wood carving ?

For those still trying to find items, i found 1 Owl Carving, in scene 4, left of the right tombstone's base, just a little above the top middle rock... hope i could make myself clear...

Now i'm missing one last wood carving.. if anyone can help...

I'm convinced there IS no last wood carving and the game is busted. If there's a video walkthrough, I'll watch that and see if I can figure it out!

I started the game over to try and see if I can see where the last wood carving might have appeared, but I agree with Mary in that no 4th Wood Carving ever showed up. Unless there is a place to put one of the 8 decoy items or some combination with those that makes the last wood carving appear, then I'm at a loss as to what to do...

Missing the last wood carving. So close...

Note to myself: NEVER play one of these games again!!!

It's absolutely frustrating when you played for hours (at least it felt like hours) and then there obviously is a fault that makes it impossible to finish the game!

@ Cool Games 8: do you ever check the comments after posting your games???? It's not the first time that there are things missing and your players are not able to finish the game.

Advertising cover all frame with game, you cannot be so greedy!
Almost every game has a bug! A shame!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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