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Anita's Camp Walkthrough

Anita's Camp

MouseCity - Anita's Camp Escape is another point and click adventure game developed by Carmel Games for Mouse City. Anita is the new manager of Camp Lakota and she is having some minor difficulties with one of the campers. Can you give her a hand? Good luck and have fun!

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oh yeah mousecity! just when i'm pining for a game :D

Give blueberries to chef

I got that and also used knife to untie

trying to use poison berries on everyone LOL

Don't know how to solve the code box outside the 2 houses... notice that there are pawprints and butterfly impressions on various places, I guess we need to combine it with the 4 totem poles to get the code?

who wants my poisonberries??

Im sticking fork in everything..

yeah...i'm hungry too :D

For code box: look at camp sign.

@Jenn, I saw it, still no idea how to solve it :/

LOL doo dah sing the damn camp song..

POP Camp Lakota makes up 10 letters!

damn cant get the 2 digit..
I did see paw in open house..

damn just realised in house ya standing another paw on carpet LOL sneaky..

so someone wanna burn camp down? LOL

Thanks Leroy! Was just stuck on that!

Camper Pyro.....

Hi guys! I counted several times and found five paws (including the carpet one) and three butterflies. 53 doesn't work, 08 (if I add them) neither, and so don't 64 or 10 if I count the ones from the note.

Did I miss any?

meritneith, multiply them

@meritneith Try multiplying

finally counted correct LOL in left house..

Well stick me with a fork, I'm done.....

DOH! I counted and after that I didn't zoom into the note again so I took the x for +. Thank you!

mow I got rattlesnake outside a window?
that kid far left is real mean...

stuck, can't poison Damien or the snake, or stick a fork in them!

Give fork to itchy kid

Thank you! Lol, love putting out the fire!

Thank you! Lol, love putting out the fire!

Out, thanks for helping. I might play again as I didn't remember if I did anything with the red berries. The book seemed to be a red herring.

is this part one?

Hm. Played again, those were obviously herring berries. ;-)

It would make sense if there'd be another part someday.

I need help opening the box with foot prints?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Well, the book was just showing you should give the blue berries to the cook and not the red ones. For fun try giving the red ones to the cook, before giving him the blue ones.

Jenny, the totem poles tell you the order for each animal's footprints. Think bear was 1st, moose 2nd pelican 3rd duck last. just put footprints in that order (but check to see that I don't have the last two mixed up)

Rwill - that was cute thanks for pointing it out :-)

Dang I tried to fork the wrong kid. Wait that didn't come out right.

yay keep them coming Carmel games!!!

I can't get it to load either on Mac or Windows.

Stuck With Poison Berries,Fork,Pocketknife,Container with Fresh Water anyone help??

help don't know code for box

code for box is

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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