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Avm Magic Park Escape Walkthrough

Avm Magic Park Escape

AvmGames - Avm Magic Park Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Magic is not the only thing that runs freely in this park. A new type of predator has appeared and took over the food chain. No other species could stop them from spreading all over the area. They're the fiercest and most aggressive species we've ever seen in these lands. If they keep spreading like this, the whole park will be endangered. We need to intervene and stop them. I'm open to any suggestion on the matter. How should we start and where? In my opinion we should find their nest and get rid of them. Good luck and have fun!

Play Avm Magic Park Escape

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Cool AVM lets see!

Color code from dials in scene 5

Use jug on bulbs scene 4

Well have a candle and no place to use it?

bandy, light candles after the door in the first scene

Were is hint for door in first scene?

Joining now.

Hope you can help Jenny I am so stuck!!

Bandy, no hint, just count the angles in shapes

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I am stuck at the door with purple and red squares, can't make the hint work

I´ve 6 green buttons and two starbuttons....stuck

Still even after that door won't open?

I am stuck. Where is scene 4 and 5? I can't find hints for anything or a match to light candles.

and I tried to order KHGIJ by alphabet but it´s not working

Bandy are you stuck at shapes door?

bandy, I think the first one is a triangle, the half circle is the tricky one

Yes It won't open?

I guess a restart Bummer.

you need a red candle Jenny

fond a place for the green buttons in the room with sofa

letters from G to K from top to bottom.

Well I give on door GL EV1

ok Roberto, I try it again....

door: 32154

ok,. there are two red´s....I have it

first 3#'s of shapes door are 3, 2, 1 that is all I remember.

Where is shovel used and where are letters used?

shovel used in scene 2. bottom left.

Thanks Roberto. I am now stuck with 3 stars and a key.

found small key hole for my key, now stuck with hint 32154 and squares?? what is that for?

Anyone find hint for flowers in first scene? or for 3x4 grid in scene 2?

Is anyone still here?
I am stuck.

Hey Jenny, need help?

Thanks for asking AVM, I finally made it out but had to resort to a walkthrough.
Great game!

You are most welcome Jenny :)

Good game AVM..some tough puzzles.The balloon ending was perplexing until the penny dropped.

Where the stars go?

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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