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Brauron Escape

GamesBold - Brauron Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Bold. Brauron was one of the twelve ancient settlements of Attica prior to the synoikismos of Theseus, who unified them with Athens. Scientists want to examine the object, but he misled and had to find a way out. Good luck and have fun!

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Ok let's try this one..

All found objects placed, but one. I have a 'silver mask' (gold triangle) in my inventory.

All spaces filled except for the Shew Stones.

I have just one Shew Stone and I *think* that each time I put it in a different spot I found one more missing object. Maybe.

I also have a colour sequence, but no where to put it.

Finding and placing the objects okay. Still needing one mummy and 5 shew stones

I have 36/45 objects placed.

HI Anita - in more or less same place as you. Have colour sequence from jhart (final scene) and clue (first scene). Can't see where it goes

Zuleika, does that mean you have done the colour clue? I haven't seen any mummies.

I have 35/45 objects placed a a silver mask still in inventory

I am going to see if there are other games to play. I'll come back later - I like these games when I can work them out.

@ Anita. I have the answer ( I think) for the colour puzzle - but can't find where to put it. The mummies are the little brown things like golf tees. The game calls them 'mummies' lol

Good idea - see you : )

Found place for colours - room 4 , top of pillars

Hm - but solving doesn't seem to do much. Gave me one more silver mask - that's it : /

Will check back here later.

ok...36 of 45 items placed, colour code solved now left with 2 silver masks with no home :(

Siouxzana where did you use the colors hint? I see the chart, but what to do with it?

Also missing 5 squarish items.
Are they under the inventory area that takes up so much of the screen?
Anyway to move that?

I like the zippy little tune, but not much good if we can't complete the puzzle.

room 4 mid pillar (3rd large one from left) :)
Sadly the inventory doesn't move

Thanks I will restart. Was going to give up.

...can find home for silver masks...or the other 5 shew stones. I like a challenge, but this is silly

Luckily it saved my game. I agree silly. I can't find places for those silver (looks like brass) masks, either.

the last stone is in Room 4
above all to the left, you can not catch
the screen is passed

Hi Sisli, I cannot see it.

And how did you get all the rest of the stones, I have only been able to find 2, and still missing 1 mummy and have 2 -silver masks extra -

in the upper left corner of room 4, you have to zoom to find all
most items are under inventory

uff the only thing I found from zooming was the last mummy urn. I am still missing all the stones except 1. thought I had 2 but nop. And I also still have 2 extra masks.

The game Coba Mayan Escape 2 extra silver masks were placed over the other without slots. But the passage, and there did not happen.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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