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Butterfly Escape 60 Walkthrough

Butterfly Escape 60

SniffMouse - Butterfly Escape 60 is another point and click room escape game created by Angelika for Sniff Mouse. There are ten butterflies trapped in the house. Your target is to find different clues and objects to solve all the puzzles around to catch the butterflies. Finally release them all to freedom. Good luck and have fun!

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Yay angelika!

butterfly on red plant

2341 for sliders right to left

scissors for cushion on first couch

move the chair to catch a butterfly,don't sit on it!!

combine cushion with the ball beside books for the 3 buttons

marker for grid

remote for TV for color code and letters

for letters, clue behind 2431

see the missing letters

Trying to find the second peep hole and the 4 square clue.

The 4 square is working so I must have the clue. I thought it was the grid we made with the red marker but I can't get it.

I have tried to use red marks as corners but can't get it

Mighty1 I'm at the same place, I just wanted to post the same question regarding the four buttons. Has anyone figured it out yet?

Wonderful game - thank you Angelika

I don't see how that can be the clue. you have 12 blocks in a 3x4 grid. How would that translate into a 2x2 grid?

The grid is the clue for the four boxes - start at bottom and work your way up

For grid, look at position of corners

grid clue: bottom to top

Doh! didn't try bottom to top.

there is a mark on the brick in back of the left plant, not sure why

Thanks Janet, I was finally able to open that drawer - I just want to add that every corner counts and the red line represents the outer line of the square.

Great game thank you Angelika! ThxACxo

Thrynn hit it with the screwdriver when you get it.

Thank you for the great game Angelika.
The hearts clue had me puzzled for a while but finally added one extra left heart by accident and it worked!

Thanks for the game, it was a good one! And thanks again for the corners clue.

ty Austen

What is the green word EXIT for??

That becomes the actual exit later Jenny.

You will require a hammer.

Thanks, Austen.
I can't get the red line 4 squares puzzle at all.

could someone just spoil that 4 square puzzle please. If boxes were #'d
what should I push?

having trouble posting here, sorry!

the square clue is a pain, count the squares row by row from 1-4


Run from bottom to top.
Each corner shows you which square to hit.
First is top left, second bottom right then follow the path.

I drew them, starting at bottom the corner would be upper left, etc.

Thanks Dazz! Austen thanks but your explanation is like mud to me. made no sense to this old brain. lol

both peep hole for doors for 4# : 4839

heart clue not working?

it looked incomplete


Thanks all for the help.
I made it out!

Is the game is so bad so I got 7 votes with the lowest mark in a row?

put the hexagon part on all 4 cbs for arrows, start from the left one

Janet, Sharon, Austen I am very grateful to you for your positive comments!

thanks angelika! I didn't vote
your game is beautiful except for the square clue and the hearts,clue wasn't complete

Red squares.
If like Jenny said:
and you choose the red corners, it would read top to bottom : 231414, so bottom to top in my reasoning 414132.

What do I read wrong?

Angelika...I haven't voted yet either, but I always give you and SD 5 stars...best games on here


arrie, 141423 , I posted the solution,got me confused

sorry, I'm not interested in the spoiler, I'm interesting in knowing how to.

A spoiler never satisfies me, could someone please try to explain once more? I would appreciate that.

I had to draw it out, each corner, starting at the bottom

Arrie, see jas comment
Count each corner and the red lines that surround it are the outer parts of each square

Thank you Thrynn, I read your earlier hint.
If I draw the first corner, following the red line, I get the square down right.
Then up, I get the square up left.
I'm seeing it wrongly, but don't know how.

That does it, Dazz, thank you, I now understand the clue jas gave.

Thanks Janet and Austeen for the grid

and another beautiful game , thanks Angelika 5 stars for me +++ :)

Arrie the first corner is top left.
Use the outside corners on the puzzle.

first line up, second line over form the 1st corner, 2nd line over, 3rd line up form 4th corner

Sorry seem to have posted at the same time Arrie.

Why I couldn't do that in my head was because I focussed on the red lines, not the black ones, because they are covered with red. lol, if that makes sense (it does to me).

Dazz Ley, Thrynn,seb thank you very much, sorry the game will be fixed soon

Angelika - none of the EG24 players would give your games 7 low votes. That has happened here before and it has always been believed to be jealous developers who rate low using different ISPs to vote many times

Janet thanks, I think this one person did

Yes, just totally ignore it :-)

Thank you all for trying to help me understand it.

Janet, i do

A kofod and why do you do that?

Very nice game again, thanks Angelika :)

dutchie thank you very much!

Angelika - wanted to chime in that I really enjoyed it. Yes the squares and the hearts were not totally obvious, but isn't that the point? I like a bit of a challenge.

Teriffic game and beautiful too, as always. Even with the challenges.

Great Game! The screwdriver got stuck in the middle of my screen, but that turned out not to be a problem. Perhaps it was intentional.

Tricia, alinpc,Mac Carter
Thank you very much! and the game is already fixed.

Great game Angelika - and thanks for the cupcakes!!

AmyElvis Thank you very much!

This was good and thanks for the help, did not understand the squares at all...

5 stars from me
Just because a clue is difficult
Does not make it a bad game
I was totally confused by the clue but that does not make it a bad game
beautiful as ever

Thanx Dazz and thrynn ..now I understand why

Mindolluin,Joe M Thank you very much!

So nice a game! (I enjoyed the lipstick on Marilyn and the song too, which I usually switch off)Thanks Dazz for missing letters hints, and Janet for the grids hint.

giuse Thank you very much!

Last in again.....this seems to be a pattern....

This comment has been removed by the author.

I think peeping in the bathroom is not decent.The author is concerned about?)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Excellent game, Angelika! So very clever. I love the way you challenge me and make my brain think in new ways. That is why I love your puzzles! Thank you for making this beautiful game.

Wonderful game as always!

(I'll have one of those chocolate cupcakes, please!!)

Angelika, I am sorry that I haven't been voting very often, even though I have played every one of them and love them. 5 stars for every one. I voted on this one and will try to remember to do that regularly!

In the game the author repeated type codes. The primitive for kindergarten.

This game is similar,only changing the interior.

I finally found the time to play this game and it was excellent, Angelika!!! The grid was a killer, but finally figured it out! Too bad I wasn't playing live so I could chit chat with all my "in-crowd" friends on here!!! ;) Thank you Angelika!! <3 <3

thank you very much Laura!greatly appreciate your comments!(heart)

Gave you 5 stars :)

FireFly,Zoe,Faye, thank you very much for nice comments!
Nafanja(Ирусик) you weren't tired to write bad comments still everywhere?

Yes , I am Irina. If to temper the pride ,we can understand each other. Not bad wrote. Only my opinion. Read above.Nothing new.

Nafanja, why the sour comments? This was an excellent game. If you prefer a different type of game, play those, but don't insult a developer for her efforts. She has a great following.

This comment has been removed by the author.

The game only changes the interior,the codes of the same type. Nothing wrong with that. Just the wish to evolve and surprise.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Then Nafanja, do not play the games and keep your negative thoughts to yourself. Like I said, Angelika has a great following, she also has feelings. She puts her heart and soul into these games, I really do not think comments like yours are welcome.

Thank you very much Laura! Nafanja from Russian forum has 10 accounts and our admin is banned, she came here on your forum, well, if she likes to Troll let them do it, and do not bother me)

Nafanja, find something else to do than trying to find something bad about the game.
There was nothing to 'peep' as you call except the numbers,nobody cares what you think and if you don't like angelika's, then don't play

Nobody cares where nafanja's from and whatever problems she had with angelika, she has no right to fill them here through the game, either play normally nafanja, or leave

Hey AkoFod!! see if you ignore this:

Angelika is number one here! like it or not:)

Dazz Ley thank you very much for the kind words!

This comment has been removed by the author.

i made it all the way,and cannot figure where to use screwdriver!! help!!

I believe behind a plant on the wall

I've spent the last 3 days doing Bufferfly escape 59->34. love this game! doing #60 now.

Andrew Hughes thank you very much! I appreciate it!

Out without help. 5 stars for Angelika and me. LOL

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