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Cactus Room Escape Walkthrough

Cactus Room Escape

Sanpoman - Cactus Room Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Sanpoman. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Catus Room Escape walkthrough 

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Wow. A new Robamimi yesterday, a new Sanpoman today...

Way to start a weekend ;)

stools for buttons under drawer

oil for lever

Hi bio, LR code on the two green chairs. Oil for lever to get the cactus down.

Place thumb in cactus "elevator", pull lever again.

If you have a certain long, red-and-black iron object and don't know where to use it, take a closer look at the tiling around the faucet.

pictures for white petals buttons

A tricky hotspot at the top of the potted plant on the floor.

there is a special tile next of sink

put pink and brown thing on lever to get crowbar

Dont't get the pictures' hint for the white petals on cb.

crowbar for tile left of faucet

Gorgeous. Tiles was sneaky.

Emmes: LrLLr bottom to top I guess

sorry having trouble posting

Any hint for the white petals please ?

thx Dazz !

your SD for green picure

Pictures colour code once all the cacti are placed.

Note that on the flower number box colours change.

Try left,right,left, left,right, Bud

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Light switch in flower number box, gives you colour sequence for spikes.

Dazz, see my earlier post. Note the shapes on the pics with the colours.

nvm! didn't notice the colors change

Out, nice little game !

thanks Emmes!

Nice, one, logical all through.

Like these games)

Excellent game, just one tricky place to find (hint: around lavatory), the rest is not too hard :D

once you get the card of cactus, go to the yellow box of flower and switch off the light, view color hint then use that on cactus spines

Like these games)

you will get card from watering the five cactuses and using the color hint on the green box, note that the numbers change colors

game is nice but finding what to do about the spikes on cactus was hard

once you insert the card into the slot under the cactuse's feet, some spike will come out, you can click on those spikes but you need to remember each color position

Excellent game. Thanks Bio for the tile/crowbar hint.

Having problems with getting water?????

pfpuff, you need to get faucet part first

I didn't drink it:))

beautiful game!!

Thx Dazz Ley....but where is t#@#$ faucet

sorry, I took it!))

it comes from the cactuses when placing them on the table with 5 squares, see the picture that looks like each cactus and note the button squares change colors dude!!

:)Could I borrow it please Its driving me crazy

have you got the five small catuses? place them on the five squares, don't touch them!! you could get hurt))

Get faucet from drawer below cactus. Put all 5 cacti in place, then click each square to match the color of the picture frames for that shape. For example, 1st one is green (the sun), 2nd blue (bear with ears). When you match all the colors, drawer opens for faucet

I don`t get flower hint. The answer is lrllr but the clue seems to be rlrrl

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I appreciate Sanpoman's take on graphics, always unique! Decent puzzles, a bit frustrating in parts. Overall though another good effort, congrats to the dev.


Excellent entertainment. 5 stars

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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