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Cube Escape: Theatre Walkthrough

Cube Escape: Theatre

[REPLAY] Cube Escape: Theatre is another point & click room escape game developed by RustyLake. Welcome to the theatre of your mind. Tonight we have an engaging program, featuring a familiar cast. Fulfill all 6 plays in order to continue your journey. Click on the arrows to navigate inside the cube. Interact with objects by tapping. Select found items in your inventory and click somewhere on screen to use them. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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amazing how he shot himself and you can get inside brain lol

got a key from piano.

Stuck at work but really looking forward to playing this at home.

sliders to open cb is tough!

give the worm to the fish egg to plate seed to parrot and water to flower

Like the game.Interesting.

Yes,even joy that can be played in different languages)

im in the show number 4 stock with woman moon and tree, dont know the position

Check the pocket of guy at bar.

I', in show number 2 fixing cube and symbols.

never mind is in the pocket of drunk man

it seems I can't fix red shapes like in pic.

last cube is inside head when u open the door just zoom in any yellow frame and discover the symbol and number.. ex: hand is 2, heart is 5

stuck with colors and windmill in last play

Roberto,.Long bottom and top round. Look at the joints. 4 pieces should work.

u can move colors on windmill

The colors on the mill 2 hints. Karinka on the wall with sectors and hints on the paintings on the wall. I'll keep playing it,it Seems orange bottom,yellow top...

Not correctly translate translator. I passed this game ,wanted to say)

Thanks Nafanja! I thought I had to fix it again like in picture frame!

scarry end on elevator!! very nice game

       Anonymous  4/11/16, 5:54 PM  

What do I do with the parrot and the fish stage scene?

That is where I am stuck to clickwik

LOVE these!

Finally got it put flower in pot and water it.get seeds ,egg etc.

I got 4 cubes. Where do I find clue for door numbers?

I was stuck at the crow intermezzo. You have to repeat sequence with bulbs.

Aaagh, these are always SO hard, but SO satisfying when you finally get to the end. So much for getting anything done today, that took me over an hour, lol!

Amazing. Took me 2 attempts. But I did it. Hurray for me. LOL

Fantastic game. Thank YOU!

Need a clue for piano. After dead face and the hand comes out... what?

Brilliant game as usual.Great puzzles and creepy imagery. Thanks jonatan for clue about zooming in on picture frames I had no idea how to open the door in the brain.

once every few months there are games that make it worth coming here. kudos!
(wish it was once a week though ;) )

Can anyone suggest what to do in second part of the lady and picture, where we get 5 squares?

Aha, I thought I didn't have enough blood to make bloody mary.
Has anyone else issue with sound constantly turning off in this game?

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Stuck on the brain door...

I'm stuck with heart, shell, screwdriver and glasses, can someone please give a hint to whats next.

oh, the cupboard with the arrows - you have to click and drag and its like that rushhour game.

I'm stuck with the hand at the piano. Can't go anywhere from there.

follow notes the hand is playing.

got heart, shell and hat for singing lady...what's the fourth item?

last item comes from toilet

...can I get a bigger hint then that, please :)

from arrow-moving puzzle (move other pieces to make path for piece with 2 arrows) comes something you can use in toilet, as i remember.

...ahhh...inventory has an item in it...needed 'opening' further..ta

Thank you ipi!

Fantastic game! I bought Rusty Lake Hotel and enjoyed it very much. Wonderful graphics, great puzzles. Personally, I would love it if your next series was less death and violence and more romance and intrigue. However, I will still play your games because they are so good. Thanks for making them.

Some tips: There is more than one path in the brain. Collect 4 white blocks while you are there. When you do something, take a spin around the room and see what has changed. The windmill at the end is a combination of clues from the symbols on the frames and the pie chart with symbols gives you the location.

Did you find the secret?

How do you change the sails on the windmill?

ok just drag them.

I can count on just one hand all of the developers that get me excited to play at the mere sight of a new game. Rusty Lake is one of them!

Thank you so much I so enjoyed this game I just love Rusty Lake x Thank you for the hints too x

Incredible game.

Always great. However, the sound shutting off each time I change scenes is something that has happened with other incarnations of Rusty Lake. Be nice to get that fixed...

Here's hoping the maker wins the lottery so s/he can work full time bringing us more.

What's with the red shapes thing? Any hint on what happens if you get it right?

OK, got it. Hindu philosophy.

It seems like I always complain, I know...I agree that Rusty Lake games are awesome...now, can we please get back to using this site for what it's for, namely a WALKTHROUGH site? I'm really lost about the numbers/symbols door in his brain, yet no one will post a decent hint. Please help!

Rington, there are already complete walkthroughs out there. Just do a search.

In the meantime, collect all the (4 to start) white boxes in his brain. Put them in the frames on stage around the woman. Move the frames to where they belong (it'll be obvious). Zoom in on the frames and use your mouse pointer like an eraser and images will be revealed, i.e., the answer to the door combo.

Expat, man...I did all of that but only the foggy "glass" frame could be erased. I'll try that and thanks so much for the help. These are great games!

just to know: if you make a gin tonic, even if not necessary, the guy take it and drink it! :D

10 as always for those games! Rusty Lake rules! Second only to Mateusz Skutnik imho!

I have been playing for a long time, but never commented. That baby in the toilet was beyond disturbing. Completely unnecessary. My 9 year old was standing next to me when that came up. Seriously.

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caught the birthday episode from the random section & decided to play all other episodes I've missed

thx for all your creations, RL ☺

shell baby heart hat. balance.

Agreed EK.

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