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Dollhouse Lost Key Escape Walkthrough

Dollhouse Lost Key Escape

FirstEscapeGames - Doll House Lost Key Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by First Escape Games. In this escape game, your main objective would be to find the car key which has been lost in the doll house. Search different rooms of the doll house and manipulate the objects to solve puzzles and find the lost key. Good luck and have fun!

Play Dollhouse Lost Key Escape

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All right dudes let's kick some doors!!!!

Hang on, I had to update Flash first. Let's see how this version goes.

No messing in my house plz!!

All I have till now is a bulb and a green ball

Bulb for lamp in living room

Dirty clothes in bathroom for color code in store

Red coin from marbles in store and blue coin from oven

Clock in bedroom for arrows top room where coins go

That was pretty easy for a FEG. Except for counting all the squares on the Rubik's cube.

Combine numbers 1-5 outside with the letters on fridge for word code

I don't think it's that easy

Use rod from word code in bathroom to drain the sink

Drain gives you a red marker, use on book you get up in top room

That is clue for the pentagons up

That gives you blue ball, green one from under the pillow, red one from the shapes I guess

Ok stuck now, all i got from the bslls is green star

I can't make the pentagon puzzle work. any suggestions?

Really hate it when someone just leaves a comment 'easy!' and leaves, this is why I leave hints which others see as 'play throughs' to avoid others get stuck

I am with YOU Dazz. Hate those "easy" comments and no help left.

Jenyy did you get hint from book? Just drag the pentagons and draw the same thing on book

Colours on clock for arrows

The book shows a diamond shape, I have tried several different ways and it just does nothing.


The books in bedroom are for the red buttons where teddy is, look at the white shelf and click as you draw it

Jenny drag the first ones to the center both, bring the second group in middle, leave the third group far, fourth likesecond and last group to center

Thanks Dazz, that is the first thing I tried. I will just try a few more times and give up if it does not work.

Buttons give you key for teddy

Jenny the first pentagons in each sides andthe third ones are the corners ofthe figure, make sure no pentagon is under one another

Finally the diamond shape worked. Catching up now.

Teddy gives 4# fordrawer in stairs


Out finally.
Thanks Dazz for the help.

Get remote for tv in living room, tv for 5# colored:


Thanks for the bookshelf clue I'm out now.

The rubix cube made me dizzy had to take a pic of it with my phone.

@JenJen: if you click right mouse you can stop it

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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