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Dragon Girl Escape 5 Walkthrough

Dragon Girl Escape 5

Sneedle - Dragon Girl Escape 5 is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by EL91. In this game, you try to escape from the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Language barrier may be a problem. Good luck and have fun!

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Stuck on 4 letter sign. Massive language barrier

I am snowed in the cave LOL

I'm stuck in the same place Marc. I have the ice in the boiling water, but its not melting

When you have clue for door right click the top bar then back out and click on door.

Bird Horse dog cat doesn't make sense to me either. Thought first letters but nope.

I tried that too. Then just bird since it's the only 4 letter word, but nothing. I also have the symbol that's shown on the book, but it doesn't go anywhere

I see cat and dog by the 4 letter puzzle but?

Bandy, the bird and horse are on the left column... not that it helps!

I tried DEER but it had no result, no idea what animal could be meant

Whats up with the mouse above broken pole?

He may be froze LOL

Bandy - use the shovel to get it, then put it in the boiling water. But mine is just sitting there not doing anything

Were to get ice for pot?

Thanks Miles 1 I got him down just need ice or water?

I don't know if this means anything, but the horse and cat are written in a darker black?

Light the red with with the torch, put it on the ice block, then place the stove to get boiling water. You can then put in the mouse

red thing... not red with!

Thanks again!

I accidentally refreshed the game. I'll try again later. Hopefully, you guys will have the word by then!

HOPELESSLY STUCK. Am I supposed to be able to open the book or something. Nothing is doing anything. I have something trying to melt but have a book like thing a shovel and some kind of brown statue. Is there a hint for the door rolling things I am missing?

Bondslave use torch in square hole in wall for clue to door rolling things

I did light the candle in the cubby hole and some deer showed up. What's that about?

look at deers some are running and some are not. also direction they are running.

So you're first deer is running left. second one is standing still ect

For the 4 letter hints, the various translations are:

Clue on puzzle:
"To the Four who enter the room, as punishment, the first two had their heads, and the last two had their feet chopped off"

When he entered, two four-legged were present

He entered the room chasing after one who loves high places

Noone else entered the room after him

The writing is blurry and couldn't be read

After you enter the right answer, click on the grey bar thingy on the puzzle.

Thanks mhtyhr but I still don't get it ?

I had to refresh to get all that to work. I must have tried that same clue ten times until then,. Thanks

LOL But no one can get the 4 letter puzzle right?

Thanks mhtyhtr!
First clue is very important bandytrc!

@bandy, work out the order of the animals, then take the first two letters of animal 1,2 and last 2 letters of 3,4

I tryed 4 and did not work?

OHHHHH I got it!!!

Tx mhtyhr that helped

I'll have to take japanese lessons this summer :)

Say what??!!!!! lol

Stuck wandering how to get the 2 objects without close the bars!

Trying to work out animals but even with hints I still don't get it.


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@Roberto, see what's left in your inventory :)

Got it!

Thanks Marc!!!

Thanks again!

ok chdg not working?

Man I feel like an idiot today ahahhahah

Hit the bar above it bondslave

Don't think it helps that I have bomb explosions going on and my house is shaking like crazy every time it happens.

@bondslave, that doesn't sound good!
Where are you?
Hope you're safe man

Finally..never hit the right pot I guess

I live near a military installation. Sometimes they have "exercises". Goes on for days. I hate it. So loud and it shakes everything. Sometimes I wonder if my roof is going to cave, but I know that really won't happen..I guess, hoping. I get new cracks in my walls when they are doing it though every once in awhile.

Well got all the bars open now what to use on the casket looking thing?

It is very unnerving.

So I enter the code and go over to doors and I just sit again. What am I missing? Wow I guess my brain is out of operation today. I don't see anything other than a door. lol

Oh well I will just say I was close to getting out LOL

nvm went bakc to melting thing

Bondslave don't forget about the mouse he will help you on door.

bandytrc, thanks but I did put the rascal by the door and it is open now. I am fiddling with the statue and opening and closing all the gates. still can't figure out what the deal is though.

Went back and collected red thing

I can't past the also bondslave, we need both of those and I can't find a way to keep them open.

That did it Thanks bondslave!!

Didn't know that would help you LOL..Holy cow a yeti maimed my friend..I threw the book at him but it didn't help

Cool game. Thanks for all the help.

Use shovel he falls through.

WOW What a game!!

I'm boling a mouse... I think

How do you light the torch to see the clue for the door?

and pop! to light torch put red thing on rock in front of people

thanks for translation mhtyhr!!!!

Seems like the story takes place in Finland (Hotelli Terälehti written on the keycard).

Ironic that "To Be Continued" is the only thing in English. Do the people who understand the language of the story never know that it continues lol?

Thanks for all the help! I think that out-weirded Detarou :-)

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