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Egypt Statue Escape Walkthrough

Egypt Statue Escape

Games4King - G4K Egypt Statue Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you bought a pair of Egypt statues in an auction. One day your Egypt statues were stolen. When you were searching for your Egypt statues, you got the information about the location of the statues from an informer. So you have decided to bring back your statues. So use your skills to solve few puzzles to bring back you Egypt statues. Good luck and have fun!

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Hey folks!

Hey! Already stuck? :) What a start!

Ughhh! Key under the "faces"

Just keep clicking the left and right for chest

Get clue for the eight squares

Jug for cactus

Myxn for the hearts

Got now crowbar from top room, lemon, andkey from bottle

Key for lock for code

Crowbar used in room up where skulls are

Get handle, figure
Handle for cb in previous room for clue for skulls

Click behind picture in new room

That gives you clue for hearts sliders andtwo more figures

wt was posted with the game?

Knife from flower puzzle for lemon for two more symbols

Bug alert! When I done the circles (geometrical logos) puzzle I was out... :( Not nice.

Symbols give you handlefor last room

yep, i'm with popeye on this one...didn't even realize there were geometrics on the buttons of hexagon, until popeye brought it up... i had to zoom in a few times...and, poof!, i was out too, without finding 2 roses.

missing yellow chick for first scene. Anyone know where to find it?

Well dang it! I zoomed in to do 1-5 circle/geo puzzle, now i;m escaaped. bummer.

and, hello dazz...surely missed your skills on the last g4k!...it took forever.

Hey cate!! Missed you too:)
Still wandering here

Jackpot !! Clocks are for the round numbers for two more roses

That gives you yellow chick

Chicks give directions

You can zoomon the hexagon after getting key from directions

Out, good game

In case you still have trouble with the clocks:

9:00, click 9,1,2
10:10, click 1,0,2

Hi alls
I dont't understand what to do with wheel with flowers and numbers in room where skulls

Seb, Idk why exactly but I got the cursor between 4 and 9, get each flower with it's color

Ok thanks Dazz, not found hint for that

What do we do with the number dial?

Ah--that's what you were talking about with the clocks. I thought we were going to have to change the clocks. "The round numbers" misled me.

Excuse me for being juvenile, but that "growing" cactus limb has always cracked me up every time I see it.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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