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Battersea Power Station Escape Walkthrough

Battersea Power Station Escape

EightGames - Battersea Power Station Escape  is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his UK trip, a tourist trapped inside the battersea power station. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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the link doesn't work

It's working now Afrita

now it works

bottle is used twice at car battery...

small battery and 10 digit number are used on device in far left scene

arrow clue is used obove yellow door

4 fuses placed in barometes for 4#

put 5 sliders down for colorcode

Can't find the red handle, think I'm missing one piece of the triangle puzzle, missing several green or red circles and no clue what to do with 2 hints: sun, drop... and 6,4

and now im stuck...missing the red stick

very sneaky needle on the floor, where you place 4 colored microphones(?)

Milena, sun, drop.... is used in far right scene

poured the jerrycan over the tank for a code,but don't know where to put it.

Thanks, Hotzenplotz, missed it completely :-)

and out, thanks for skip buttons!! I haven't seen a clue for symbol pyramid...

enjoying this game so far plenty to do.

poured the jerrycan over the tank for a code,but don't know where to put it.

Hotzenplotz, help, please! Where is the red microphone? What to do with 6 and 4?

and now im stuck...missing the red stick

milena, you don't need 64, just press again on red buttons for red microphone/stick :)

afrita, use symbol clue at top right in far right scene

Hi Hots : ) Where did u find 10-digit number/

oh sorry, I think, I got my last symbol for pyramid from pressing red button twice...
red stick from symbol pyramid

POP - found it immediately on posting, lol

Still seem to need 5 red or green buttons for wall puzzle in scene last but one on far left. Where can they all be...?

4 symbols (sun, droplet, flame, leaf) are used i far right scene, above 'Generator 3'

Had to start all over again, the red button refused to give me anything. Finally have the last piece of the pyramid puzzle :)

code from jerrycan +tank goes over the locked door.

above locked door

nice game

Milena, where is the "64" clue?

Ahhh, once I found the sneaky needle it was clear about the "64" :) Thanks Hotz!

Started the game and then became completey transfixed by these fantastic photos of this wonderful art deco building.... will finish the game as I love eightgames but it may take me more than one attempt as can't get enough of these images.... thanks (an ex-Londoner)

Thanks hotzenplotx for guage needle, Out and glad of skip button

Great game - out on my own - thanks eightgames

Great game - out on my own - thanks eightgames

Really, really good game. Thanks, Hotzenplotz, for the "sneaky needle" hint.

10-digit code on pipe second scene left from start (same scene as sun, drop, etc.)

great game thanks Hotzenplotz for needle clue only thing that was holding me up

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