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Escape From Baron Empain Palace Walkthrough

Escape From Baron Empain Palace

EightGames - Escape From Baron Empain Palace is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his Europe trip, a tourist trapped inside the Baron Empain Palace. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Don't miss panel t right of door in second room to the right. Its a small circle..opens door to panel

sneaky "nail piller" on stairs

cat statues go on square bases

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each ankh goes on a specific pyramid. Try each one

nail piller is used on panel in room with 5 digit puzzle

Major problem with the green/pink pieces puzzle. I have 5 of them in place but the last pink just moves right 1 place to under the green 'home' and the moves back left and I can't stop it....

directional clue is hidden above door with glass circles in second stairs room

melody, put purple piece in green home and then put green piece in that space to the left. this allows you to move purple piece out

Thank you alinpc, I didn't think of doing that. Unfortunately all my green pieces are home and I don't feel like restarting.

Melody, that is so frustrating. did you try taking a green piece out of the home?

Out now. one hot spot in outside scene never used.

Yes, I tried that alinpc but once they are home you can't have them back. Just hope my mistake stops anyone else from having the same problem.

Confusing navigation. Red X.

The final puzzle is an exercise in frustration. I would really like to cuss the maker of this game and believe me I have. I don't understand why they do tis crap. One star, and that is being generous.

I did finally make it through but as usual the last puzzle ruined the whole game.

The last two puzzles sucked. Figuring out what to do with the sliding purple and green bars was easy enough, but the fact that one of the purple bars behaved differently than the others for no reason was just stupid. I figured out how to get around it, but I had to restart the puzzle... And the last puzzle was just lame. It was so time consuming to move the pieces around because of the constraint on the pink arrow...

Is that all there is to see in Baron Empain's castle?? The log-puzzle was stupidly easy and the last one was incredibly difficult. One star is indeed generous.

The circles puzzle is ridiculously poorly designed. A puzzle should follow logic, not this utter crap. It let down the rest of the game which was actually quite good. It made me RED X. Pity. If it wasn't for that atrocity I would have probably given it four stars. Two is overly generous.

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