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Ena Knack Kidnap Walkthrough

Ena Knack Kidnap

EnaGames - Ena Knack Kidnap Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Ena Games. Dream up a situation that a guy loved a rich girl. Unfortunately, the girl cheated him and planned to marry another guy. So the guy planned to kidnap her to stop her marriage. Now as a player, you need to help the guy to kidnap the girl brilliantly. This could be possible only if you have determination to find it. It is sure that you will succeed by finding the necessary objects and solving the puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi Hendrik. loading now.

Ha, stuck already. I see hint on tree for box but can't make it work.

can't get box code to work.

small stick goes in keyhole on door and then take back.
I am stuck with slingshot and 2 stones.
I can't make box code work either.

there are 2 trees with clues, don't miss the tree left of buiding

also tried that arrow thingy on the tree bark. no luck

larger stone scrapes tree left side for L U R D clue.

scrape bark with one of the stones

Hi Hotz. Still can't figure out box and where does the direction hint go?

POP got it. Now what to do with arrow head and slingshot?

put slingshot under the hex on the tree

that's the step, where I stuck too...

with a stone gives you another bit of the key

thanks canderella!

Canderall can you be more specific? I can't get slingshot to go anywhere.

Finally slingshot goes left of hex and slightly above it!

In house now but can't do anything.

got the code 1234

first code inside is for red buttons (clue is on window, count top to bottom)

where is code inside for red buttons???

I am not having fun. I just find this game frustrating.
I have no idea what your post even means Hotz.

jenny, there is only 1 code with 4 red buttons, clue is on window (see above)

Red X for me.

I give up on last 3x3 rotating puzzle.....

ENA, please, stop posting those rotating puzzles. I'm crying. Besides they are toooo slow for comfort solving.

Truly awful game.

you have to put handle on the lever for pineapple code to work

when you get the key for the cupboard there is another room

As always, ENA at his worst!

no idea for clock getting fed up now.

at last i am out just needed help with that devil clock.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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