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Escape Blizzard Mountain Walkthrough

Escape Blizzard Mountain

Escape Blizzard Mountain is another point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz and Yizzim. You are stranded in the French Alps and a blizzard is on the way! You must figure out how to escape as quick as possible before the blizzard gets here! Good luck and have fun!

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Don't miss chopstick on table in H.

green key in O after wolf pic.

slow loading

OK for the arrow/corners puzzle in G look at the chalk board in K. Start at the left and work you way right.
Hint: First one points top left.

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Sorry gold key in L.

Corkscrew, safe and sneaky in P.

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Green gem in R.

Yellow gem in wine bottle in I.

Gold key was in L

Blue gem in anagram box. Think another word for woods.

Any body use the chop stick yet?

Words under mirror (BAD EDGe) are for guitar in K

Red Gem in B.

Light chopstick in fire and light candle

Set stick on fire in N

Use chopstick on fireplace in N.

Use lit chopstick in M to get blue key.

Gem safe in P to get key for snow mobile

Orange gem in D clue for box puzzle is in same room.

Where is the screwdriver used?

For the puzzle in D look at the tree pictures and turn them 180. Also pay attention to the order 6, 9...

screwdriver used in F

in the scene that had the marble box at the beginning. on the floor to the right.

Nice game.

Gives you pink gem.

Thanks, Mighty! Out now.

Safe in P

BTW the red gem in B you use the # from above the door in E.

Nice one. As soon as I found the chopstick, it was smooth sailing.

please help I have turned the puzzle in G everyway i can see! Please spoil and help!

please help me in G I can't go no further.

as long as the pantry is stocked and plenty of good wine, i wouldn't mind being stuck for awhile, een live there. this place is awesome

Hang on kmoorer! I just came in though i hope someone would come ive gotta feeling ill be late

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kmoorer: is G the drawer with the arrows? If yes: it is in kompass directions: nw sw ne sw nw se

Ok got the drawer:

Top left, bottom left, top right, bottom left, top left, bottom right


Sneaky in P in picture

can someone spoil the gem order. I found the clue but it doesnt make sense. I have tried lots of combos and cant get it right. please

Anagram box in N:


Wendy, it is pink orange green blue red lila yellow

thank you escapism. I had the b and r mixed and from there I went south, just couldnt get it.

Chopstick was in H on right table

The 4# had me stumped:


Another great game by SD!!

P.S I wouldnt wanna escape from this place either, would be nice to have a get away here!

Hey don't worry guys! I took your motorcycle)))

Naughty boy selfdefiant, no playing with fire by chopsticks)))

Nice game it is, thanks!

everyone is giving the rooms letters so there must be a map somewhere?

map up two, left one from start.

think of chalk board as 6 vertical columns.

Nice setting :). Nice to wander around. Thanks for the game.

out with 39 coins, never could find the 40th (if there was one) :)
it's always great to play your games Sd

If you want to get away from the blizzard, go to room P - it's sunny and blue sky there!

Year is clue for levers.

Great game SD. One of yor best 5/5.

Got confused by the map: it shows a path between the front door and the room D.
Otherwise pretty smooth sailing. Only 38 coins, though...

does not load

ok, where is silver key. duh

ok, got it

The anagram for the golden box... really a hard one!
Great game though :)

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