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Give Mama Wants Escape Walkthrough

Give Mama Wants Escape

VitaminHana - Give Mama Wants Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Vitamin Hana. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Oh yes ! Going in !


3 cb opened (3#, 3 colors and letters) and stuck !

Hi Seb ! As always with these, smooth start and then stuck ! Got chopped pepper and carrots, knife and spice. The worms have now moved to the coloured carrots and I am sure it is a clue. But don't know for what.

Ok! forgot hint on knife (cleaned)

Yes, I know for what.

Now got chopped potatoes.

count worms on colored carrots

Hi there! Mama wants a good game, so I'll jump in.

cook soup and got carrot code for top cb

Hi meritneith ! It is a good game.

Wait until the soup is cooked for another hint.

Nice game as always

Hi Meritneith !

Well, got out with an empty coffee cup and never opened the arrow cb. Is there another ending ?

Arrows code in soup (wait a moment)

Ha! Finished that on my own, mind you! I must admit though I have played harder games than this.

Like those games!

give coffee to grandma and look in empty cup

my soup is boling...

missing orange puzzle, and arrow

Boo, Emmes you left (probably by BFing the door code) and didn't give Mama her coffee!

my soup doesn't do anything...
I wait, I walk around and come back...

I feel guilty meritneith ! Didn't BF the door, just figured out the short-long arrows myself. But played again and made coffee. End is the same. Out twice now, 555 !

Jon D., good soup takes time.......

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ok, it gives hint for orange puzzle.
Got it now

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When mama finishes her soup and asks for tea, you'll get the arrow code in soup

Love these games! Hooray!!!

Emmes, go back and look in soup pot again after it's cooked. Arrow clue in pot

Emmes, go back and look in soup pot again after it's cooked. Arrow clue in pot


lol, mama doesn’t want you to leave without giving her soup!

Click down arrow and read the recipe on the wall.
The number on it opens top left cupboard door for SPICE.

Go into the side room on the right.
The colour clue of the veggies opens the right cupboard-door = DIRTY KNIFE.

Clean the knife with water (tap in other room), the clue on it opens the left cupboard door in other room for ANTI WORM SPRAY. Use it on the paprika’s here.
It takes some time before it works, so go out, walk around, go in again, take PAPRIKA.
Look at the three veggies again and see the number of worms on each of them.
This opens the cupboard door below the stove for POTATOES.

The word ‘potatoes’ opens the right cupboard door below the stove for the PAN.
Fill the pan with WATER.

All ingredients are here now.
Cut what needs to be cut on the plate next to the sink.
About item the pan, throw everything in it.
Put the pan on the stove, turn the knob.

Walk around again ….. oh yummy ….
Now, how to get it to mommy …?
Look at the orange shapes of the carrots in the pan.
Open the top middle cupboard door for a CUP and a BOWL.

Click the bowl and the soup and tadaa.
Mom is waiting. Give her the soup.
The order on the recipe is the order to open the door … not, lol.
Trying this … in the meantime … mommy finished the soup.
Now she wants to drink coffee.

So go back to the soup in the pan and see the order of the arrows.
Open the top right cupboard door for a CAN.
I don’t know the magic of that cupboard, but somehow there’s coffee in it already.
About item the cup, fill it with coffee, give it to mama.
Walk around again, then take back her CUP.
About item, see the order to be used on the door.
From small arrow to large, i.e. spice, potatoe, paprika, carrot.

Another excellent game - yay! p.s. Grandma was much nicer about what she wanted than that little girl in the previous game with all the candy

* Oops guess it was Mama - sure looked like Grandma to me ;-)

Would have done much better if I knew how to count to 4

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Easy and good. Did you wash the veggies before cooking?

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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