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Gobekli Tepe Escape Walkthrough

Gobekli Tepe Escape

GamesBold - Gobekli Tepe Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Bold. Gobekli Tepe is an archaeological site at the top of a mountain ridge in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of modern-day Turkey. In 1996, a German archaeological team is excavating this site and believed that they had been early neolithic sanctuaries, but they trapped inside and must find the way to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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finding the clues was a pain!


Had to shut the game off because my pc went slow and keeps freezing

Objects are located as follows (not yet all)
scene 1 - 2 gold mask right
2 scene - 4 silver mask, and below them the yellow circle 4
3 scene - 4 earrings on their heads, 5 vases below
scene 4 - 2 gold mask on a pole on the right, two earrings in the center
scene 5 - 2 earrings on their heads, 2 yellow circle on the temples
6 scene - 4 silver circle on the left of some props
7 scene - 1 mask in the center.
  Stop looking for

In the scene 7, a further 2 golden mask behind

where do you place items

Have everything placed except for my last 3 masques. Can't figure out where they go!

3rd scene earings go on first head on the left' 2 vases go on stones in front.

3 mummies go in scene 4

Make that 2 masques. I have 2 placed in Scene 5 and 1 in Scene 7, but I still have to find spots for the other two. Grrr

masques go in scene 5 each side of the two heads on the floor

Canderella--how many masques were you able to place in Scene 5? I was only able to get 2 to fit.

I have everything else placed (except for those last 2 masques!) if anyone needs any clues

OH thank goodness! Finally placed the last 2 masques in Scene 2. And out!

That was tough. Big thanks to Dazz Ley for saving me the time of having to figure out the math clue. How did you come up with the answer?

There is a walkthrough here but no game!

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Forgot one ,all the proposed examples are obtained if,for example, take the first example 9-4-7 = 25220133 .Now 9*4*7=252 , 9+4+7=20, 9+4=13, 7-4=3.The same happens to the other examples.( 1*2*3,1+2+3,1+2,3-2) these games are often found.

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