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Haida Secret Mask Escape Walkthrough

Haida Secret Mask Escape

Games4King - G4K Haida Secret Mask Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you were trapped inside a native American village. As the village people went for out for secret camp fire at night where they used to wear their secret mask and dance. So there is no one left there to help you. There are many secret masks left in the village which will guide to escape. So use your skills to collect the necessary items to escape from the native American village. Good luck and have fun!

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Paper under table left scene

623 for 3#

Watercan for plants

Figures: bring them in the line

This comment has been removed by the author.

think of the two entrance plants as left/even, right/odd for the four sets of 2 digit numbers.

there will be a total number of 8 clicks.

hello dazz ley!

Magnet for bushes far scene

Hi cate! Been working on this and nothing goes

have you used the four double digit numbers on the plants in first scene?...that opened a few more things for me.

I am struggling with it, nothing's working

Thread under paper clue

Stuck there as well?

Still have magnet with a string on it now ?

okay, have you placed the mask on drawn body at scene with the ladder rung in lower left? it will give you 4 sets of 2 digit numbers...go back to the plants and use left as even, right as odd and then simply click a single time on the appropriate plant...ie, 23 is left once, right once...and so on.

the smaller masks found are hung on question marks surrounding the door.

Thanks Cate!

That's what I' m doing cate, but if we assumme left is even and right is odd, how can we work on 54, 98?

dazz, just flip it...remember, you can go left right and also right left.

Nvm! Been clicking in sequence, thanks cate!

Dazz 23 left right 54 right left ect

i can give a spoiler, if you like.


For upcoming players: lrlrrlrl

now you can help me figure out what to do with the big masks...

2 left 3 right and so on

hey bandy, you're welcome!

Were to us angles from tree after star?

Hiyo bandy!!

Hi ya Dazz !

angles are for man with 4 arms

Magnet used behind tree

Forgot about him LOL Thanks Martin

Bandy for the robot staring at you

So tired of going back and forth constantly nothing is working. Can't figure out white and black birds. But on a funny note. Mouse over the owl and he freaks out bahahaha

good find, dazz, thank you...it was driving me crazy!

No idea where to use magnet the second time

Owl goes on roof beside your mask

Magnet was use once with no string on bush scene with 4 2 digit #'s

Milena behind tree where you put your star

For the symbols: put the upper ones top

Oh, thank you, Dazz, up behind the wall... Was trying lower

8546 used in masks scene

Anyone find clue for animals on paper in ? mark scene?

Water the plants behind those birds

Does anything happen when you put all five big masks on the wall? I didn't see anything...

Hey cate! What to do with masks you asked? Keep them for halloween))))

Oh, yes, it gave me hint for animals!

I could only water the plant in front of the birds and it's gone now.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Your masks go on ?s but missing more

Jen jen it gives you a hint but no idea where to use

Now how to work the birds? I can only get one on each side to light up?

Out. Kinda weird.

I only have 2 of the masks that match the 3 in the bird scene and then 3 larger masks. Can't place the larger ones anywhere. No clue on flowers in mailbox scene and no clue for birds or animals on paper where small masks go. Also not sure where to use the triangle/arrows clue.

five masks gave me hint for animals, animals gave me key for chest, chest gave me hammer, hammer gave me screwdriver, screwdriver gave me handle and out!

I think we need to place something between them bandy!

Same with you jen jen

bandy, birds are the jumping frogs puzzle

JenJen larger masks go on the wall in the room after the black and white birds. Arrows clue is used in the last room

I am stuck with JenJen ??

Thanks sysin3 But I can't get them to jump?

Just move the birds so that there is always one black, one white... you can move them by one step or they can jump

Forget that bandy! Switch places

Ya Dazz I think we something else for birds?

they can't jump over the bird of the same colour

They won't move just light up?

Nope wont move I know these puzzles well but they won't move?

Facepalm!!! Move one to the middle then jump! LOL

Move 3rd black bird from the left one step to the center, then the white bird can jump over the black

Hate these puzzles

Good game but no resemblance at all to Haida Masks.

I am with you Dazz LOL

I am out of here not dealing with this bird puzzle Thanks for all the help EV1.

I can' t get that, quitting this one

Red x because of that, gl guys and thanks for your help!

bandytrc that's kinda hard to explain. I always start from left to right. Think of them as numbered 1 thru 7 where 4 is the empty space. Move 3 to 4 then 5 to 3 then 6 to 5 then 4 to 6 then 2 to 4 then 1 to 2 then 3 to 1 then 5 to 3 then 7 to 5 then 6 to 7 then 4 to 6 then 2 to 4 then 3 to 2 then 5 to 3 and finally 4 to 5.

I think.

You have to click the bird then click the empty space.

Lol bandy! Night dude! Hope ill dream of you getting out and say: victory's mine!!

I didn't get a key from the animals. I had a spare one for some reason. Got a chain or cane whatever it is can't find where to use it or last small mask

Thanks Mighty 1 I already closed out. but Thanks.

Well whatever that cane/chain thing was I used on the dirt in the owl scene and got last small mask

good grief...i'm gone for 10 minutes and everyone has gone away...poo. enjoyed the game. thanks for the help.

After placing last mask, open chest in right room, get hammer go to room beyond birds and smash the glass on the right. Then take screwdriver back to beginning scene and take the drum apart and get the wheel/handle to get out.

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