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Hooda Escape: Alaska Walkthrough

Hooda Escape: Alaska

HoodaMath - Hooda Escape: Alaska is another point and click type room escape game created by Selfdefiant for Hooda Math. You are lost somewhere in Alaska. Look around, solve puzzles and see what you can find that might help you escape, so you can get back home! Good luck and have fun!

Play Hooda Escape: Alaska

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out! First one out, I am the King!

out! First one out, I am the King!

Shovel under right tree

Gold key on window

Stuck on letter box. Thought it might be number of letters in each word in the book, but no...

5# count the a

Stuck with the puzzle in the cave - obviously no Sudoku

Hi Dazz Ley!

POP! Not number of letters, but position of a certain letter...

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Hi rudiger lupp!

Stick under the hut for fire

Wrench from soduko for rusted bolt

Hi everyone.
So I have a black key and nothing else and can't find arrows hint for cabinet.
Can anyone help?

Short and sweet :)

@aye: excuse me your majesty!! I took your crown:)))

Hi Jenny.
Arrows hint is in cave. You need fire to go in side

SUDOKU? I've two 4 and two 1 in the same field ...

Stick for rock, arrow hint in cave

Thanks Alinpc.
Good game but way too short.

Rudiger…just use the verticle lines.

Agreed Jenny.

They should be different numvers rudigger lupp

Axe for tree

Berries behind left rock in cave for moose

Thanks alinpc - that was it!
I'm a bit confused today ;-)

That "sudoku" killed me!!!!

Okay I'm not getting the "A" and 5 numbers needed for the lock. I just don't get it. Someone give me a clue please? :D

Oh okay got it. The hint for the "A" and 5 number lock.


Its the position of the "A" in each word.

Here, see the positionof the letter a in each word and count it,for example, a is first in apple, so it is 1,..

Thank you Dazz Ley. :)

Okay I'm not getting the arrows puzzle either. Wow I must be brain dead today..lol I think it has to do with the windows?

Arrows puzzzle is in the cave by the right axit, see arrows position

Okay I'm not getting the arrows puzzle either. Wow I must be brain dead today..lol I think it has to do with the windows?

nummysmom if you count the arrows as positions on a clock it would be 1 7 5 9 (It's the direction of the spears they are holding)

Just want to say thank you to Selfdefiant for bringing these type of games. I'm 50, and your escape games to me, are theraputic, a stress reliever if you will. Would be cool if you could release a huge story line type game, that could be purchased. I'd think it'd be a hit. Thx again

hilfehelp as sudoku solve perpendicular ok but no matter how shall I try not fit

it's a magic square not soduko

Marita start with 3 at top left make sure you put 4 not 0 the fixed numbers are a guide, mine went straight in but I can;t remember exactly

nice game thanks Selfdefiant

sudoko please ?

HURRAY! This game is working too! I am so happy! The Melting-Mindz hosted flash games are not working for me, but the HoodaMath ones seem to be working. THANK YOU!

Quite easy and short. 4 stars

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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