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Hooda Escape: Skate Park Walkthrough

Hooda Escape: Skate Park

HoodaMath - Hooda Escape: Skate Park is another point and click type room escape game created by Selfdefiant for Hooda Math. After a long day at the skate park. You sat down on the bench and fell asleep. When you woke up, you were all alone and the gate is locked! Now you must look around, see what you can find to help you escape the skate park! Good luck and have fun!

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missing numbers for 4# locker

pads in trashcan

arrows behind umbrellas

key in backpack

Dazzley, check the missing numbers on lockers for 4 digit number

bike lock combo is on pillars

ladder in storage room

Another short, simple Hooda.

that's what I hinted Dutchie, the missing numbers are for the 4#,thanks though:)

Where is the backpack combo?

combine J=3 and 360*J for the 4# in backpack last scene

arrows clue behind umberellas infront of restroom are for box in snackbars

box gives key for door in first scene

ladder part goes last scene

Ah, thought the X was a letter. Thanks.

red marks on pillars for sliders on bike

click 532043

the trashcan that's got pads is in second scene under the first umberella

Ah, thought the X was a letter. Thanks.

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One key opens the vending area.....

Well that was brief

Thanx SD

Hey Joe!!

I think there might be a bug, I managed to get a silver key that I couldn't use anywhere and got the gold key, but when I went back to the slide scene there was another gold key.

1, enter 1322 on the 24 locker to get helmet.
2, go right and click the left garbage bin for pads.
3, go right 6 times and enter 1080 on the bag for a silver key.
4, on the legs here and left, go left until you see a bike. enter where the red legs are and get the bike.
5, go left 2 times and get the skateboard using the bike.
6, go left 2 times and move the middle umbrellas and notice a arrow clue.
7, go right and use the silver key to get a code. enter the code to get a black key.
8, back to starting scene, use the black key to get a ladder.
9, go right 6 times and attach the ladder and use the skateboard to get a gold key.
10, back to starting scene use the gold key to unlock the door and win!

just do 10 steps to win!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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