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Mirchi Escape Evil Forest Walkthrough

Mirchi Escape Evil Forest

MirchiGames - Mirchi Escape Evil Forest is another point and click escape game developed by Mirchi Games. Assume that you are stuck into the evil forest. You have to escape from their with the help of hidden clues and solving puzzles. Click on the objects to interact and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Dark and evil, wow!

Don' t miss symbol on right tree

My last rock was behind purple flowers

Stick behind skulls

Stick for spider

This comment has been removed by the author.

Roses for skulls orders, see the colors

Clue for rock symbols on tree second scene

Hi Dazz ! Shovel used in scene with green flowers.

For the six buttons: press the button that is in the position of each number
For example, the first number on the clue is 3, so press the third button first.....ect

Thanks emmes! Been looking for the spot

Sssss.....snake symbol......for the firsssstttt ssssssccccceeeeeeene!!!

Short today but nice.

Ssssssss.......seeeee uuuuuuuu eeeeen the nexsss sceeeeennn eemmmmeeess!!

Soooommmmmmttthhhhiiiingggggg wrooooooongggg wiiittthhhhh uuuuuurrrrr kkkeeyyyy boooooaaaardddd, DAAAAZZZZZZZ ??????

I' ve bbbbeeeeecommmm....aaaa.....sssss.....snake....eeeeemmmmeeesss!!! Better rrrruuuun awayyy.....or....i'll....sssss......bite......ssss.....uuuuu)))))

Just kidding...thanks emess!!

Now I.....ssss.....weeeeettt...for my....ssss....next......victim!!!)))

I think that's me, hi Emmes and Dazz! :-)

I'm not too fond of those dark games. I needed some help with the spot for the shovel, and I'm always trapped by those number things (I tried to hit the one with the 1 first). So thank you!

And thanks Mirchi, even if I like the brighter games more it's still better than most of the other games.

Hi meritneith ! Are you still in and stuck ?

Hi meritneth!!
No worries Emmess!! Meritneith is in safe fangs......I mean hands!!))

I think meritneth is out emmess, she's tough and clever enough to challenge dark games and escape, I'm proud to have her as my meal....I mean friend))

555 !

It was a solid 4 star game until the 1-6 clue, should have just been a list of numbers instead of wrongly numbering the pillars.

I liked it. Twisting it up a bit with the 1-6 number puzzle. Thanks Mirchi - 5 stars from me!

Now I know about kangaroo tails, too!

Thanx Mirchi
Nice game

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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