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Mis. Dramatic Escape Walkthrough

Mis. Dramatic Escape

DetarameFactory - Mis. Dramatic Escape is another Japanese point and click type escape the room game from Detarame Factory. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Notice flowers' leaves and combine with cb for a ruler.

Cut eraser with ruler. Place box on table for a lollipop.

Give lollipop to rabbit and use ruler to get the paper.

Give paper to bride, look out the window, use flute.
Trade fruit for the worm bird is holding.
Bride points to a hidden compartment: get SD.

Deer gives code for box in drawer.
Use worm on plant for a leaf.

Leaf + flower pic = code for dresser. Give dress to bride and get her white dress and shoe.

Book + eraser = clock code (pick letters)

Shoe heel is a key for behind the bookcase. Use card u got from clock, look at the opening in the ceiling, call the bride and out. :)

What an interesting game) In the same breath passed) Thank you very much to the author!)

Thanks Nini. Needed your help a couple of times there. Great hints. Thanks again.

Which flowers' leaves? Combine them with which cupboard? Please explain.

The flowers leaves that are sliders as well and the cupboard with books.
Great game :)
Btw. I think Nini her rabbit is a mouse.

Very cute game and tricky as well. Thanks to Nini for her hints.

flower petal cabinet sliders??? Makes no sense to me. There is a bookshelf with leaves and a wardrobe with three flowers and a picture with 6 flowers. I have no idea what goes with what and how it fits together

ah...for gold flowers 2413...the down position counts as one.

Nini, can you tell me where is the hint for clock, please?

The cut eraser gives coloured numbers to use to pick letters from the coloured words in the book. The result will spell two number words to use on the clock.

Hours worked on the value of the red heart. Eraser (eraser) to cut with a ruler.

Very cute game and tricky as well. Thanks to Nini for her hints.

Thank you small-tool!!!

thanks Nini and Lol for the "rabbit :))
nice game thanks

what??? the racoon still in jail?

Nice game - great hints Nini and S-T!!

So...the bride was not happy, so she changed her dress and was rescued from an impending unhappy marriage by a soldier in a plane. That's one way to avoid a divorce!

So now it's a racoon - LOL!!

Great game! I was sad that the mouse didn't escape though.

How sweet this game is!
lol Cyndee, don't worry, he'll crawl out through the hole in the back that is invisible for us. Use your imagination :-).

haha, funny game. Very nice puzzles.

Am I blind? where is the book??

RCL code from gator pic doesn't work on puzzle?

it worked after a lot of tries!

Thanks Nini for your help - never would have figured it all out without your hints. Cute game.

I loved this game. I wish we'd get more like it.

what book? What leaf? what ceiling?

after giving present to bride, put on table. gives magnify glass.

oops, sucker.

click on bird with whistle highlighted

Great, sweet & funny game. I went through most puzzles by trial and error, only got stuck with white robe and key. Hang white robe on cloth hanger, to move bookshelf and use key!

Awww what a cute game! The story is so heartwarming!

Clock numbers are inverted.

Wonderful game. 5 stars

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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