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Modern Warehouse Escape Walkthrough

Modern Warehouse Escape

FirstEscapeGames - Modern Warehouse Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by First Escape Games. In this escape game, assume yourself as a staff in this modern warehouse. You have been working overtime in the warehouse and at last you find that you have been locked inside. It is time to go home now. Find a way to escape from the warehouse with your puzzle solving skills. Good luck and have fun!

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Symbol in hole on floor

Ball top left second scene on top of sacs

Third ball third scene behind sacs under 4#

Scene 4: fourth ball, 2 gems, one in box on the left

Scene 5: 3 more balls, pink symbol on floor, hotspot

Scene 6 : blue figure, green 6

Scene 7 : blue figure

2 more balls last scene, still missing one

fluked the spinny colour puzzle LOL

Hotspot on floor scene 9

Red 5 and green 6 for 2#

check floors as well

Game froze, be back later

sneaky blue figure top white cartons..

count all the numbers on the dice for the 4 color numbers

Nice game thx FEG!

code from blue racking numbers..

the 5# code comes from the room before it...numbers on the boxes

Need knife or scissors to cut tape.

odd code from FL??

aaaah clue is for numbers puzzle sum of 15..

Once you get the 4 colored pieces with brown line through them use the for the colored circles with dots around them. Change the dots shown on the clue on the same colored puzzle. Example find the red puzzle and change 12,6,9 positions to red.

gives scissors now where is this tape?

Use the wheel on the panel in the room where you place the brown balls. Use name from badge and number you get after you use the red marker on the book.

found tape..

flash crash wont restart..

not good a soduko.

This one was difficult, but I never felt completely lost and all the puzzles ultimately made sense. Nice game.

Number puzzle is working for me. I have
What is wrong?

This comment has been removed by the author.

It may have been after you place all of the jewels. I don't remember. Sorry.

Tried 438


Sorry I'm note going to keep changing it till it matches 1 set.

Was a good game till this puzzle. Red X

Yes I don't care for those puzzles either. One thing I'd like to say is if you put the game on Pause and you have the music off (even though I liked the music, just want to play without it) you have to fiddle with it to get it off again. Anyway, ok game for me. Thanks for the hard work FEG! ThxACxo

Saw no logic to the colour swap puzzle but managed to get lucky.
Otherwise a good game.

Mighty1 you have to see the clue first

All lines have to add to 15... 951, 862, 753, 672, etc, you just have to line them up properly.

Where is the tape used? I cannot find a place for it, anyone?

the tape is used on the white cup


Walkthrough – Part 1
Scene 1
- Hotspot high on shelves to left. See blue dice cube showing 5, 2, and 1 (totaling 8)
- Hotspot on palette jack at bottom left. Need Green and Red number.
- Hotspot at the back wall. This is the exit.
- Hotspot on floor in middle of screen. Click on floor again to open hole in floor. Take red puzzle piece.
- Hotspot on shelves on right. See blue 5 and red dot. This is the Red number.
- Hotspot at light on ceiling. See light has 6 dots.
Scene 2
- Hotspot on floor on left. Take ball #1.
- Hotspot on top of green and white bags. Take ball #2.
- Hotspot on back of forklift. See 4-color puzzle.
- Hotspot on back wall at pink circle puzzle.
Scene 3
- Hotspot on floor at left side of screen. Click on floor again to open hole in floor. Take green puzzle piece.
- Hotspot on shelves between ’10’ and ‘11’. Take ball #3.
- Hotspot at bottom shelf at right. Take ball #4.
- Hotspot at top right. See 4-number puzzle.
Scene 4
- Hotspot at bottom left. See 5 Octagon slots.
- Hotspot at boxes on 2nd shelf on left. Click on the right box to open it. Take green octagon #1.
- Hotspot at bottom shelf near black boxes. Take ball #5.
- Hotspot at 2nd shelf at far right. Take green octagon #2.
Scene 5
- Hotspot at clipboard. See clue (Circle, Pentagon, Diamond, and Triangle).
- Hotspot on back wall at red circle puzzle.
- Hotspot above red circle puzzle between the ‘04’ and ‘03’ signs. Take ball #6 and #7.
- Hotspot at palettes on right side. Take ball #8.
- Hotspot on floor. Click on floor again to open hole in floor. Take pink puzzle piece.
Scene 6
- Hotspot at light on ceiling. See number 6. This is the green number.
- Hotspot at bottom shelf on far right. Take blue doll #1.
- Note the numbers on the shelves; 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.
Scene 7
- Hotspot near ceiling at top left. Input 5 digit code from previous scene (5 4 3 2 1). Take green octagon #3.
- Hotspot at bottom shelf near middle of screen. Take blue doll #2.
- Hotspot at middle shelf on right side. Take ball #9.
- Hotspot at white boxes on top shelf. Click middle left box. Take blue doll #3.
Scene 8
- Hotspot at platform with 11 holes. This is where you will place all the balls.
- Hotspot on back wall at green puzzle.
- Hotspot high on back wall at multi-color puzzle. If you click the dots in the middle, you can rotate the colors around so that the color of all the circles around the dots match the dots. It’s kind of a weird puzzle, but it is not that hard to do by trial and error. Take fish.
- Hotspot on column on right side with 10 blue boxes and a hole for something.
Scene 9
- Hotspot at shelves on left. Take blue doll #4.
- Hotspot at back wall at 4 doll slots. Place the dolls in the slots. Take white cup.
- Hotspot on ground. Click ground again to open hole. Take green octagon #4.
- Hotspot at back. See 9-number puzzle.
- Hotspot at bottom shelf on right. See yellow paper with 5 dots on it.
Scene 10
- See hotspot at shelves on upper left. Click blue boxes until you match the shapes you saw on the clipboard (circle, pentagon, diamond, triangle). See purple dice with number 1 and 2 showing (totaling 3).
- Hotspot at top shelf at left side. Take green octagon #5.
- Hotspot at orange puzzle.
- Hotspot at bottom shelf to right of orange puzzle. Take ball #10.
- Hotspot at top shelf at middle right of screen. Take ball #11.

Walkthrough Part 2

Scene 1
- Click on red/green number puzzle on palette jack. Enter 5 for red and 6 for green. Take knife.
- Click on fish in inventory. Use knife. Take USB drive.

Scene 3
- Click on 4 number puzzle. Enter 6 for red (from dots on light in scene 1), 8 for blue (from blue dice in scene 1), 5 for yellow (from yellow paper in scene 9), and 3 for purple (from purple dice in scene 10). Take Magnifying Glass.
Scene 4
- Place 5 green octagons. Take roll of tape.
Scene 8
- Place all 11 balls in the holes on the platform. Take orange puzzle piece.
- Click on any of the 4 puzzle pieces you have to open up another screen. Place all 4 puzzle pieces on the screen. You don’t have to worry about order or orientation. Close the screen to take completed puzzle. Note the brown lines.
- Click on the green puzzle. Click the blue dots that correspond to the brown lines in the completed puzzle. Click them till they turn green. Leave all other dots blue. Take handle.
Scene 10
- Complete orange puzzle, clicking the corresponding dots till they turn orange. Take Employee Badge. Note the employee name ‘Robins’ and the employee code ‘e52h83’.
Scene 5
- Complete red puzzle, clicking the corresponding dots till the turn red. Take blue book.
Scene 2
- Complete pink puzzle, clicking the corresponding dots till the turn pink. Take red marker.
- Open blue book in inventory. Click book to open it. Use red marker to highlight code (2968). Close book.
Scene 8
- Click on puzzle with 10 blue boxes. Put handle into hole. Enter ‘Robins’ into top 6 boxes, and ‘2968’ into the bottom four boxes. Take laptop.
- Open laptop in inventory. Click laptop to open it. Use USB Drive; a dialog box will open. Enter employee code ‘e52h83’. Note colors of emojis that appear (Purple, Orange, Red, Pink).
Scene 2
- Click on color puzzle on back of forklift. Enter color code from laptop (Purple, Orange, Red, Pink). Take scroll.
- Click scroll in inventory. Click to unroll it. Note the 15’s. Close scroll.
Scene 9
- Click on 9-number puzzle. When you click on a number it will highlight yellow. You can click on another adjacent number and they will switch places. The goal is to make the rows, one column, and both diagonals all add to 15. (I used 5 1 9 along the top, 6 2 7 in the middle, and 4 3 8 along the bottom). Take scissors.
- Click on white cup in inventory. Use magnifying glass to reveal a thumbprint. Use tape on thumbprint. Use scissors to cut tape. Take strip of tape with thumbprint. Close cup.
Scene 1
- Click on exit door. Place thumbprint on scanner. Win.

Just saying, "I found the tape" is not really helpful! I have done the whole game on my own but now can't find the tape, so will have to quit. Not everyone can play these games live, and so we sometimes look for hints later.

Just saying, "I found the tape" is not really helpful! I have done the whole game on my own but now can't find the tape, so will have to quit. Not everyone can play these games live, and so we sometimes look for hints later.

@Unknown - You get a roll of tape when you place all 5 green octagons in Scene 4.

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