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Oia Village Escape Walkthrough

Oia Village Escape

FirstEscapeGames - Oia Village Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by First Escape Games. Someone has been locked up in one of the rooms in Oia village. You need to search the village and help the person escape from the village. Look for clues and hints and interact with objects to solve puzzles so that you can free the person. Good luck and have fun!

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Time for a live one! And I think I went to Oia. It's a town on Santorini.

More than one hotspot on the bike.

All I have is an egg from above the bike

Arrow clue on boat left of beginning scene

Dazz, thanks for the egg. Now I have two coins and a lipstick and no idea where to use them yet

Gear beside flowers wagon scene

Having trouble with the mechanics of the red and green blocks. They don't move well.

I just opened locked dorr with gree and red squares without a key and got another gear

Arrows give you hammer to use on the bike and now need one gear for each wall

Same here with the yellow and orange switches, clue on light two scenes ahead but they aren't going

One gear from behind pot with 1, 2, 3, 5,???

Another one beside it

And another on dining table!

Long but logical game. Many cruel hotspots, but not impossible to find.

HINT:Use binoculars in scene with boats. Binoculars get in one of gear's puzzle.

Clue for symbolsboat scene

Finally found where to put coins, in the scene with orange and yellow buttons puzzle. Just need three more

You need to switch fuse off for the light

What am I supposed to do with the egg? Make some breakfast?

Dazz Ley, solve RED-GREEN puzzle for "breakfast".

Crack the egg with the bat.

What do I do with colors from binoculars?

Milena, colors according to flowers. Count it for 5-digit clue.

Crap! Shut my game off, will play later, thanks guys!

Thanks, nomelted. Missed yellow flowers

Dazz Ley, make some breakfast, don't worry;)

Am working on it nomwlted! would you like some coffee?))

Sorry, nomelted

This comment has been removed by the author.

With pleasure, Dazz Ley)) Thanks:^)

Milena, yellow flowers in the stage after the one in which coins are used .

Sorry milena, I took those flowers for my window))

...or in Dazz Ley's apartment.

Found the yellow flowers on Dazz's window, thank you. Now struggling with 2,3,4...

Uh uh uh no entrance plz!! I'm cleaning up))

Got it. 2,3,4 is for the first scene

Milena, each subsequent number is the sum of the two previous numbers. As a result, you get 5-digit clue.

Not getting the numbers under letters?

Made it to the end! Thanks for all the help.

Numbers under letters is for letters) It's a math, so when you get a word you will use letters clue for 4-digit code.

Dazz, you have to do the maths and assign each letter its number. There is a plus sign in between

U'r welcome, Milena:)

Aye thanks dudes you rock!! Didn't see that plus

I used the word dove and their assigned numbers everywhere but it doesn't work.

And out! A nice cup of coffeewith roses foryou guys))

Game is so much like real life. Nobody seen working anywhere...

Bear, you have to see the hint for the word first

Clue for the 4-flowers puzzle in S-5 (above the middle blue door) is located just above the exit arrow in S-2. You will get the 5th gear for S-9.

It must be in a super secret tiny pixel hunting spot because I can't find it.

I use logic to figure out most puzzle before I ever see a clue but the games don't let you solve a puzzle before you see their clue that depicts said logic...... smfh

It's basically like the game developer saying, "You can't finish my game because you haven't seen me give you the answer yet." P.O.S.

***Spoiler Alert***

Game Walkthrough – Part 1
Scene 1 (S-1)
- Hotspot at Red/Green puzzle near center of screen. You cannot work on this puzzle until you see the clue.
- Hotpot at 4x4 grid of black dots in center of screen. When you click them they will turn various colors.
- Hotspot at 4-digit puzzle at right side.
- Click to go left
Scene 2 (S-2)
- Hotspot at the side of the boat in the middle with the light blue stripe. Get Arrow Puzzle clue (Right, Down, Left, Right)
- Hotspot at 5-Digit Puzzle on bench in foreground.
- Hotspot on boat with red stripe above right exit arrow. Get Flower Puzzle clue.

Scene 3 (S-3)
- Hotspot at the front tire of the motorcycle.
- Hotspot at the back tire of the motorcycle.
- Hotspot at the tree above the motorcycle. Count the green flowers (7).
- Hotspot at the tree at the top-middle of screen. Take egg.

Scene 4 (S-4)
- Hotspot at lower left of blue curtain. This is the spot for the coins.
- Hotspot at upper-right above the red fence (Yellow and Orange buttons).

Scene 5 (S-5)
- Hotspot at Flower Puzzle above blue door at the top-middle of the screen. Enter clue from S-2. Get Silver Gear #1.
- Hotspot at shrub in center of screen. Count the yellow flowers (4).

Scene 6 (S-6)
- Hotspot at lamp at top-left of screen.
- Hotspot at power boxes to the left of the lamp. Click the box on the left to open it. Click on it again to get a close-up of the box. Click on the switch. Get lamp color clue (O Y O Y O Y Y).
- Hotspot at light-blue doors. This is the exit.
- Hotspot to the left of the dark-blue doors. This is the color slider puzzle.

Scene 7 (S-7)
- Hotspot at flower pot under left arrow. Get Rusted Gear #1. (Note: You will need to come back to this hotspot later).
- Hotspot at 5-digit puzzle on wall above stair railing.
- Hotspot at 4-digit puzzle on blue box above the wheelbarrow.

Scene 8 (S-8)
- Hotspot in center of screen. This is where you place the Rusted Gears.
- Hotspot at colored 4-digit puzzle to the left of the blue door.
- Hotspot at flower pot at bottom of screen. Don’t count these flowers…
- Click right arrow to get to Scene 9. Click arrow at stairs to go to Scene 10.

Scene 9 (S-9)
- Hotspot at flower pot on left side. Count the red flowers (6).
- Hotspot at flower pot under stair railing. Count the purple flowers (6).
- Hotspot at flower pot in front of the blue door. Count the pink flowers (3).
- Hotspot at middle of back wall. This is where you will place the Silver Gears.

Scene 10 (S-10)
- Hotspot at small door at bottom. Clue for Red-Green Puzzle in S-1 is shown (Red squares on left, Green squares on right). Click to open door. Get Silver Gear #2.
- Hotspot on wall above stairs on right side. Input clue from S-2 (Right, Down, Left, Right). Get Hammer.
- Click on blue door at middle-right of screen. Get clue (DEVO + EOVD = 4987). D=1, 0=6, V=4, E=3.

Scene 11 (S-11)
- Hotspot at pot to left of door. Get Silver Gear #3.
- Hotspot at pot to right of door. Get Silver Gear #4.
- Hotspot at the base of the pot to right of door. Get Rusted Gear #2. Get Puzzle Clue (1,2,3,5,?,?,?). This is a Fibonacci Sequence where the last 3 numbers are 8,13,21.
- Hotspot at water spigot to left of ladder.
- Hotspot at table in background. Get Rusted Gear #3

Walkthrough Part 2
Scene 1
- Click on Red/Green Puzzle. You need to move the red squares to the left side and the green squares to the right side per the clue in S-10. Click on a square and drag it to an adjacent space. The trick is to use the gap in the center so you can pass blocks past one another. Get wooden bat.
- Click on Egg in Inventory. Use the wooden bat on the Egg. Get Coin #1.

Scene 3
- Click on back tire of motorcycle. Use hammer. Get Silver Gear #5 and Rusted Gear #4.

Scene 4
- Input lamp color clue sequence from S-6 (O Y O Y O Y Y). Get Coin #2.

Scene 7
- Click on 5-digit Puzzle. Input numbers missing from sequence from the clue you got in S-11 (81321). Get lipstick.
Scene 9
- Place 5 Silver Gears. Get Binoculars.

Scene 2
- Use binoculars on the houses in the background. Get color clue (Green, Yellow, Red, Pink, Purple)
- Use color clue from binoculars in conjunction with how many flowers of each color you saw in Scenes 3, 5, and 9. Input code into 5-digit puzzle on back of bench (74636). Get screwdriver.

Scene 3
- Click on front tire of motorcycle. Use screwdriver 5 times to remove all 5 screws. Get Rusted Gear #5.

Scene 8
- Place 5 rusted gears. Get Scroll.
- Open Scroll in inventory. Get 4x4 dot puzzle clue.

Scene 1
- Click on 4x4 dot puzzle. Click the dots indicated on the scroll (the dots are numbered 1 through 4 across the top row, etc.). You should have the right three dots on the top row, the far left and far right dots on the second row, far left dot on row 3, and all 4 dots on row 4. Get Bar Code.
- Note how many of each colored dot you have (Green=1, Purple=2, Blue=3, and Yellow=4).
- Click on bar code in inventory. Use lipstick on barcode. Get 4-digit code (9732).

Scene 6
- Click on color slider puzzle. Click each slider till it is at the level using the clue you just got in Scene 1 (Green=1, Purple=2, Blue=3, and Yellow=4). Note that each slide starts at zero. Get coin #3.

Scene 7
- Click on 4-digit puzzle on blue box. Input 4-digit code you just got from Scene 1 (9732). Get water Urn.

Scene 11
- Click on Water Spigot. Place Water Urn under water spigot. It will turn on automatically. Click it again to get Filled Water Urn.

Scene 8
- Click on flower pot at bottom. Use Filled Water Urn to water plants. Get Feather.
- Click on colored 4-digit puzzle to left of door. Use clue from Scene 1 again (Green=1, Purple=2, Blue=3, and Yellow=4) to put in code (top to bottom 4132). Get Coin #4.

Scene 7
- Click on hotspot at base of tree where you got the Rusted Gear. Use feather on the side of the flower pot. Get clue ‘DOVE’.

Scene 1
- Using clue from door from Scene 10 (DEVO + EOVD = 4987 so D=1, 0=6, V=4, E=3) and ‘DOVE’ clue from Scene 7 to input 4-digit code (1643). Get Coin #5.

Scene 4
- Click on hotspot to left of curtain. Place 5 coins. Get Gold Key.

Scene 6
- Click on light blue doors. Use Gold Key. Win.

Nice job on the Walktrhough Forgotten One! Good game FEG...wasn't so keen on sliding the red and green over which was easy enough...just making them move was the tough part. ThxACxo

Wow!!! What a wonderful walkthrough Forgotten One!!! Thank you!!!

@Sharon and Jullys: You are both very welcome!

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