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Rabbits and Magic Walkthrough

Rabbits and Magic

Esklavos - Rabbits and Magic Escape is another point and click adventure type escape game developed by Esklavos. An absent-minded magician can potentially cause many problems. Find the missing child and escape from the rabbit's world. Good luck and have fun!

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Use the hammer on the blank plank and knock the feather down with it.

Good. New Esklavos. He should revive the original Esklavos series.

Yay Esklavos! Love these games!

Final key is with bunny

stuck with uncharged wand and stick. What do I do in bird land?

Charge the wand on the big mushroom in bird land.
Very nice game :)

A bit on the easy side but enjoyable.

Out, but no idea what the bird and flute was about, just clicked it several times.

Thanks for the help small-tool
Out. I did not see a hint for the bird either.
Lovely game as usual.

Can't get the stones/ropes puzzle right. I have seen the clue in aquarium world. Hoping for POP

Like these games. The flute three trees play and share the last coin. Traded the rabbit for a key)

Catqueen, there is a blank space in the bottom second from the left.

Thx Nomnivor. I made a screendump and now it worked.

Going in.

@ myself: Don't try to feed the carrot to the rabbit, it's for the map!

Was there a clue for flute?
Moved the bird, made him sing, he coughed a coin


Magic mushroom

giving up, cant get the last coin from the bird. Not sure how to do it with the flute

Simple pimple

For coin from bird: play fly, sing, peck repeatedly. That's one way at least. I'm sure there's a better way.

Each hole on flute makes bird perform an action, just experiment. Move to rightmost tree and have it poop out the coin for you.

Thanks for bird hint. Jonny peace

Lovely game

great game
I really struggled with this one
No idea why
ST is right it was really easy comparison to many of these ....Perhaps I was overcomplicating it
All hints available above

thanks catqueen for carrot hint.

Move to rightmost tree by pressing the first hole twice, and then peck by pressing the third hole once. A coin should fall down. I think that's the method, anyway!

Proud of myself - been a while since I finished one of these without a hint.

Nice game as usual ... but i would love to shoot the screeching annoying bird sounds

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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