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Avm Rat Escape From Abandoned Temple Walkthrough

Avm Rat Escape From Abandoned Temple

AvmGames - Avm Rat Escape From Abandoned Temple is another point and click room escape game developed by Avm Games. As an archaeologist you visit historical places and places that never been visited by humans to get some information about the place and look for historical items and artefacts. You heard about the abandoned temple and you are interested to visit the place. When you arrived at the abandoned temple you immediately explore the place. While exploring you have seen the little rat got trapped and now he is inside the cage. The rat asks for your help to escape from the cage. Can you help the rat escape? Good luck and have fun!

Play Rat Escape From Abandoned Temple

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AVM! Heading in

scene 1: 5 and jar in panel right of entrance

scene 2: gem under the rat

left of scene 2: 6 and sneaky gem behind left pillar

last left: sneaky gem behind pillar
red square
number 7 in panel right wall

jar for hole on ground, used three times

scene after the rat: sneaky gem behind statue
jar for hole

left of statue then ahead: gem on top

flowers go on 3 squares outside for knife

right of the statue : number 8 and sneaky gem on top

last right: sneaky gem top right corner of buttons

gems go in scene 2

knife for red square

there's a sneaky gem on roof in scene 1

numbers go on holes in scene 3

numbers give 4# for scene 8

clue for birds in scene 3 : 4254

key used in scene 9 clue you get for scene 7 on right column

hammer used in scene 5

sorry I couldn't see the solution, arrows for lizards in scene 7
ud right or left

this gives you last gem for color clue for fingers, see the position:

bears go in scene 6 for 4#

last clue for rat cage, good game AVM!

Thanks Dazz Ley :)

You are so quick, Finished the game single handedly.

Thanks AVM!

Any Suggestion Dazz lay?

Where is Scene 5?

Welcome Zoe

From 2, Left - 3
From 3, Left - 5

Nice game Avm, thanks :)

Here's my suggestion AVM: keep up the great work your games always deserve a 100!!

Oh, just missed scene 5. Great Game, AVM!

No bugs...fun puzzles!

Hey zoe and yvonnee!

Sure. Thanks Dazz lay :)

Thank you so much Zoe

Thanks yvonne :)

Hi Dazz! Great hints - as always!!

Can't get the clue for the pots with worms in. need 4# hint and can't find bears anywhere of lever hint to let rat out.

Jenny, did you solve the lizards in scene 7?

wheres the hammer?

I found the g/b square puzzle in scene 7 rt pillar... that gave me the hammer :)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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