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Real World Escape 151 - Office Walkthrough

Real World Escape 151 - Office

SniffMouse -  Real World Escape 151: Office is another point and click room escape game developed by Sniff Mouse. After a long working day you felt asleep and when you woke up you realized that you and your colleague are locked in the office room. It’s getting late, so you better try to escape from there. Your target is to find 12 sniffmouse icons. Good luck and have fun!

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Very challenging. Thank you (p.s. I gave you 5 stars!)

To get started, you need to click on and drag the handle down.

jippijae.....a sniffmouse

Very nice one and some tricky codes.

It's nice that you guys go out so fast - but some hints would be even nicer ;)

Where to use rag? And also the paper hint...little circles with direction arrows?

The slider is 1433 if you can't figure out the toothpaste picture.

POP - just figured out how to use paper hint (facepalm)

Janet, gave the best hint:

To get started, you need to click on and drag the handle down.

Be sure to click on shelf items to find hidden numbers and puzzles.

I still don't get the paper with circles clue. Can someone give me a hint please?

Hi lilrascal and ty :) But sliders only go up to 3...

Even with paper hint not sure which colours are to be 'mixed'. E.g. there isn't an orange.

Paper hint changes later.
Sliders 1322

Don't understand the number grid above the statue. This one is challenging! I had my speakers up pretty loud and that statue scared the patooey out of me LOL!

The paper with the circles clue is used after you get the scissors

toothpaste hint for sliders.

I'm in the same spot Zuleika

The number grid above the statue is used after you help the office worker

Number grid above the statue is used after you get the 4 arrows hint.

Lol, snap, Janet :)

Ty small-tool and Janet! Hey LW Team Member - I feel your pain : )

Sorry Zeleika, I meant 3! Anyone care to help out with the grid numbers and paper hint?

And how to solve the number pyramid on the mirror?

My game just got 'killed' and I have to reload. (Sighs)

Number pyramid - google Look and Say Sequence

The pyramid thing is about amounts.
A row tells something about the row above.

Lol small (my hint was easier)

Lol, my hint was more hintier :P

Sorry, should have refreshed. Finally figured out you start at the red dot and follow the arrows! Some days it takes my brain cells awhile to work...

Could not understand the arrows clue at all.

Arrows clue gives the 4 digit number. Use the grid.

TY Janet, never heard of Look and Say Sequence

7304 for numbers (from grid) ... but where to use them?

Bottom right glass desk.

File cabinet view in front of desk

Use numbers on hot spot right lower side of table. Now I'm trying to figure out the 1211 thing...

Finally out. Never would have escaped without the hints, thanks everyone.

Ty yet again small-tool :) I really need to get back in practice with these games.

This one's really tough.

Another excellent Sniffmouse! 5 stars!!!!

Once you get passed the pyramid it becomes much easier.

Still haven't got pyramid numbers - know it relates to the Mountain picture with the 1-2-3 numbers, but drawing a blank so far.

Great hints. Lowered my frustration level. TY

Zuleika - From earlier:

Number pyramid - google Look and Say Sequence

Top row is 1.
The row below that is telling about that top row. It's telling there is 'one' 1

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Aw Janet thank you! Thought I'd checked all the relevant comments - clearly not, lol.

But small's clue tells you how it's figured out. Mine just said what it was

Never heard of the Look and Say Sequence thing, makes my brain hurt to figure it out lol. Sneaky hidden mouse above blue book on desk. Finally out. Very good game SD!

Finally out - would never have made it without all your help ppl. Thanks so much again : ) Feel like I got out of Colditz...

Call me thick but I can't find many hints to the puzzles. I found the googly eyes. Plus the up down thingies from the toothpaste. I don't understand the colour hint at all. Is there anyone still playing to give me a hint?

Colour hint is used later.
Did you use the googly eyes to open the cupboard with 2 circles with arrows in them?

Yes. I opened that cupboard and found a mouse and something else. I don't see a hint for the drawer with the letters. Or anything to do with the mirror you can click on.

Fun game, thanks Guntars :)

From the sliders you get the arrows hint. Use that on the 4x4 numbers grid above the statue to get the 4 digit code.

Or actually, from the sliders you get a magnifier for the guy and then you get the arrows hint.

Thank you small-tool. I didn't think to give him the magnifier. I thought he needed specs so I was looking for those. I think I read to use the arrows on the numbers on the box. I hope that is correct.

Yep, start on red and do the 4 steps to get the 4 numbers.

finally some progress! Thanks so much small-tool.

three ones...two twos...and..

Thank you for a great comments!

now I have the mirror sequence and I think I have the answer. I seem to have misplaced the location to enter it. The mirror doesn't take it.

@CherryTart, it's the three numbers under the R painting.

Thank you ,Sniffmouse! This was fun!

haha..what did that guy in the game say to me?

That was an unusual way to open a bottle but I am out now. Thank you again to small-tool and to Firefly. It seems I should play more of Sniffmouse games in order to learn all their tricks.

Yes you should! They are all funny and clever.

Great game!! Thanks Sniffmouse!

what does "click on and drag the handle down" mean? Inside joke?

out by red X

Cloth in box and paper with circles in bin

there's a statue on the shelf, click right of it and drage the handle all the way down for two arrows cb

get paper knife use on box with red x for toothpaste

thanks for toothpaste hint guys

magnifier for office guy, combine arrows with numbers on grid on white box above the statue for 4#


mirror on top of box,
thanks for pyramid explanation


glass cutter for green bottle

scissore for paper hint, use on colors on chart for color code


Plus and minus for buttons grid of pluses, change the ones in minus postion

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the last sniffy dude was on my chair

all right folks! who sneaked it there?))

who took my toothbrush btw?

bet it's Joe, bad boy Joe! I hadn't brushed my teeth last night))

Great hints here in the beginning, step by step. Thank you all. Really needed them.

Great game loved it Guntars
Have never heard of the Look and Say sequence
Needed help with that
Was trying to add and subtract!
Otherwise very straight forward classic sniffie
Hey Dazzy am using the toothbrush to clean my magic carpet!
What can I say

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Hey!!! Give me back my toothbrush you sneaky dude)))

Thanks for the hints everyone. I also never heard of the look and say sequence. Nice game Sniffmouse. !!

Thank you Demolacion ) Love your games. Interesting ideas and codes.

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tough sniff game! but, out :)

Thanks for the arrow/number spoiler. I couldn't and still can't figure the clue out :)

Hardest one so far. Brain is sore, time for a nap. Thanks again! Terrific job!

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