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Repair Faucet Escape Walkthrough

Repair Faucet Escape

Lutaru - Repair Faucet Escape is another Japanese point and click type escape the room game developed by Lu-Taru. In this game you must search for items and clues to escape the room. Language barrier may be a problem. Good luck and have fun!

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stuck on the TEL 4 digit code.

Jorge, same here. Waiting for someone to post what I am doing wrong. Was able to open other cabinets with toothpaste and toothbrush clues. Need clue for circle segments puzzle, too.

For TEL # I tried both 7986 and 7972.

tried subtracting 1438 from 7986 and that did not work either...wondering if the symbols are on different number keys on a japanese keyboard?

Maximom I only have a screwdriver and a screw like thing for the faucet. I'm wondering if there are numbers associated with the * and # on a Japanese phone

I also tried 7986 minus 1438 = 6548. That didn't work either. sigh.

OH dear. If it's a Japanese phone then I am out of luck.

Hi guys)
Use screw like thing for digit panel under sink. Input tel according to the poster.

thank you!!, nomelted.

Thanks nomelted!

You are welcome:)

Thanks nomelted

We need to shut off the water first I think

Hint Alert: Green screwdriver has clue for circle segments, need to view using "about item"

enjoyable game...never would have made it without your nudge, nomelted...thanks again.

Nice little game!

Good game. Thanks for the hints everyone

It's a pleasure, cate;)

Where did you find a screwdriver???

there are 4 doors behind 2 glass doors near mirror

start by opening left bottom door (behind left mirror door)==> toothpast code L/R

use L/R to open right bottom door (behind right mirror door)==> brushes tooth code

open top left door ==> sd and little thing to put on buttons grid left cb sink and use hint poster

good game and thanks for help

don't forget to turn valve to cut water (behind sink/ hint on green sd)

little yellow thing to repair tap is under soap distrib (use green sd)

and don't forget to open water when tap is ok

I was a good plumber)))

Nice game! I need the pie hint on the screwdriver for the shut off valve.

Nice game and good graphics.....went from gamer to staff....

Just such a nice game!

4 digit code. Not sure what you mean by "input tel according to poster". I've tried 7986, 1438, 6548, 7972. None of them work

Maroonclown, input as it is 798614#*

Maybe I'm being stupid but I don't get it. There's no way to put # or * in the digits. and it's only 4 digits. Can't input 6 digits and 2 symbols.

Maroonclown, use screw like thing for digit panel under sink, then input 798614#*
4 digit code you will solve after finding numbers for symbols # and * under sink.

Head plant. Thank you

it's ok;)

Head plant. Thank you

Once you open the mirror doors it is pretty straight forward. Very nice.

Once you open the mirror doors it is pretty straight forward. Very nice.

Excellent game: once you get the piece from soap holder, place everything back following the chart

Really great game! Thanks for making!

Nice and pleasant game. 5 stars.
Thanks for tel.nr. help.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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