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Run Joey Journey 3 Walkthrough

Run Joey Journey 3

Run Joey Journey 3 is another free online riddle game, sequel of Run Joey Journey and Another Run Joey. Mr. Run Joey decided to embrace another journey around the world. Mr. Run Joey loves riddles! You will help him on solving the riddles and finish his journey! 35 levels to go. Good luck and have fun!

Note: Please, do not comment any straight answers, only hints!

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well tried the obvious LOL

Oh no - another riddle. I can't help it just have to try

did the obvious work? if so, what is the obvious?

Thanks for posting our 3rd riddle!
We will be around for hints! Good luck and have fun :)

Level 1 - Leroy, notice it says "the answer is right next to me"

yeah the hidden hand?
didnt try hand LOL

didnt work..

Well it's not exclamationmark, is it.

It also is not one of the other words next to the 4 mes, nor a mix of them. next thing i would try is anagram them, but where isn't even a hint to do so?

okay, ana the gramming worked.

Level 1 - look at the italicized phrase only and remember the answer is right next to me.

I absolutely hate these types of games.

Hmm Im trying anagram last letters.. the right ones..

thanks for answer 1. I got it, but I still don't understand the solution. how are we supposed to know that these letters were meant to anagram?

derr I over thought again LOL

typical riddle stuff casual
ya get a routine and check stuff..

2nd question about binary?

In a riddle, if your letters don't make sense - anagram them and see what you get. This is a good tool for that


Eventually! Notice that in the phrase there are two 'me's.

I didnt notice ctrl A mentioned in intro..

go here if ya need stuff OK

Im old tired riddler LOL

Okay, i give up. I like riddles, but this is not enough input to keep me interested.

Bm it if ya into riddles

Number 2 is a rebus puzzle

thanks Zoe!

sighs still cant get 1..
taken letters and gramana

@Leroy: you need 6 letters from two words

Leroy, use the italic phrase. What is in front of ME's? Need two pieces and anagram

got it derr me..

No. 3 - read the title...operative word is "coordinated"

answer to 1 is six letters. Type of shoe the man might be wearing at a beach.

I thought 3. is "page". not working :(

Level 3 - start at upper left not at the normal X,Y coordinate

Casual..you're on the right track for level 3...it is a four-letter word

p.s. Only way I know that is I did it wrong at first

Got to go - otherwise I will be here all day and night!

thanks again Zoe!

Dang...phone call. Gonna take a while. Good Luck guys!

anyone still here? I am stuck at level 4.

btw: how many levels are there?

Keep going riddlers!
Keep in mind that this is not a fast riddle, it will take time to complete, but we will ensure big hints if any level is becoming an headache! See ya around.

level 1.
Thank you Riddlemaster, I had no idea what letters to use. Yes, the letters 'right next to me'. lol. Funny.

Hi! stuck on 2 rebus,someone help me?
It is difficult without knowing the language

@casual, remember lvl3? Now each shape can give you picks.. You need to use use two strategies, two different words, and then combine both!

You know what to do with the shape, what can you do with the color names?

@Riddle Master: so, I guess, what I was working on, is not the right path? Spelling out the colors?

right click to open in a new window/tab:

@pichi: speak out loud the plural of upper numbers. and think about snow white...

Thanks for the new riddle, Riddle Master :)

Thanks Casual! on 3

ok, forget about my picture about No. 4. I don't have the correct answer yet, but it seems I'm on the right track

I have a headache LOL

where are you Leroy?
I'm still stuck at 4.2 (first answer slightly wrong)


I'm getting nowhere at No.4
I have the first word (combined letters with edges). I get the message:

"You got one of 2 words. If you already have them both combine them and move along..."

Well, apparently I' missing one...

@Casual, you First need basic riddling on the colors. That will help for picking the second word.

with you Casual ...
basic riddling on the colors, not Luth's color picker, too vague, not counting letters, not the first letters

btw, I don't have an egg on 4, I understand you do?

Me stuck on 4 too
What is:basic riddling on the colors?
which then account?

I'm not sure what "basic riddling" means. Also, @arrie NL, I don't know what "have an egg" means.
Part of the solution is definitely the amount of letters & the edges of shape (red triangle = P)

oh, I read you were on 4.2 Casual so I thought you found a page with extra information about level 4. such a page is called an egg.

no, sorry. I just input my solution on "4. (not so) Coordinated grid".
and my I was not forwarded to a "404 page", but to a page where it says: "You got one of 2 words. If you already have them both combine them and move along..."

*just ignore "my" in the previous post

Level 4: Basic riddling we mean by the first thing on each color name. They can also be number(s) on which you can pick.

Yay casual - yes that was an egg - thank you!!

first letters doesn't lead me anywhere, like : R(ed) = 18, counting from left to right = u.

Janet, what egg?

Casual's comment - Red 3 letter, Triangle three sides. Count and pick

Thanks Riddle Master, now I have an egg

Hey Pichi - did you get the second part??? Or is your egg the same as Casual's?

Hey Janet! egg same as casual,now I need another word?

Rats - was hoping we could put the two together. I also tried Arrie's R=18 and count. Came up with gibberish

And it's not put level 3 answer and level 4 answer together either (at least not that I can see)

I just laid my first egg, shapes ... colours .... thanks dutchie.

lol, thanks Janet :)))

Aaahh, it's so nice to play together, isn't it?

another push on the rebus in 2? "ones"... over ... 12:30?

Enjoy : 'ones' sounds like the word ...? And it's upon .....

I think both have different words / eggs ;)

it is nice to play together (and live). unfortunately, I have to leave in about 30 minutes.

than you arrie!

@Riddle Master: really???

Okay, my egg starts with a "P" and ends with "S". do all of you have the same?

Ah Casual, let's kill level 4 be4 you have to leave !

Different words eggs?? oh! and as the other word out?I see no other way

I too have P A ..... S.

Yes Casual - thanks to you, that's the egg I have

Still trying to use the 1st letter R = 18 but counting Left to Right or Right to left gets me nowhere

I also have the same word

R=18 yes, keep that number (or those digits)

so, if Riddle Master for some reason thought we had different eggs, he/she was obviously wrong. which means arrie NL's comment about R=18 is correct?

Thought it would be 1st row 8 down but no - gibberish

What to do with R=18, G=7 etc.?

Pity we don't see it ourselves, isn't it :(

Yes so nice to come on at the middle point of riddles where many wonderful clues are left

18 = u + 7 = b etc. doesn't work either.

Yep tried that too. Right to left, left to right. From the X,Y axis. Top to bottom

Lol if this is Level 4, I will be brain dead way before level 35

putting the found digits in a row and trying to divide them into other letters (1=a, 8=h)... no.

I tried to convert the edges of the shapes into letters (triangle = 3 = c.)..no anagram, no nothing

Level 4: last big hint, go on arrie, dont ignore that R=18=two digits

that's not a big hint, riddle master. Let's see ... 1+8=9, 7, 2, 1+5=6, 2+5=7 etc.?


tried picking letters that way from the grid. Gibberish.

good thinking arrie NL! even it's wrong. gotta go now. see you tomorrow!

Bye Casual, when we find it we'll hint you!

Bye Casual - thanks for the egg!

Lol, if we find it :-)

Okay - waving the white flag for now. RiddleMaster - think we need even BIGGER hints!

yes, if ..... somewhere in 2016.

The second word for lvl 4 is more than 8 letters.

Go on Ellie, you seem to know more.

I guess 12 letters.

Alms for the poor

So I tried R=18. so I took the letter 1 then counted 8 then counted 7 more etc....
I got "AWZUATONTAIR". Which anagrams to nothing

yes, done here as well ... last attempt was first row : 1st and 8th letter
second row : 7th letter and so on.
Look promising, but last letters = x ... nothing.

a REAL hint would be nice now, lol.

Yes @arrie, 12 letters is correct. Use the First ones, together with the shapes.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks Ellie, on 5 now :) shape tells what line, then pick letter(s) from first letter from colourname: Red is line three, letter 1 and 8.

Great dutchie, really great. Thank you.

Thank you Ellie (and Dutchie) Got it. But dang that was hard

I got it too! Thanks Ellie!

combining the two words = level 5.

Yw! Lol, lvl 5 gives kind of a deja vu. Nothing I tried this far gives anything but gibberish.

Level 4 - For Casual: Look at Dutchie's clue at 2:46.

lol Ellie, after level 4 level 5 must be a piece of cake.

hmmm I take that back.

Thanks for hints lvl 4 I have the other word,but still stuck with the two words,combine them as?

one long word pichi. G-----------P------s

no caps though

pichi, start with the G E ... A L and than the other word attached to it.

Never mind!I had forgotten what was the other word,I put the level 3 hahahaha!!

Not for me, hopeless at riddles

anyone making any progress on 5? I am getting tired of counting and picking letters on this grid. I may throw in the towel!

Enjoy, I thought of coordinates again, and tried triangle + word inside = 3.5 or 5.3 and so on.
But no idea where to start then and where I start a Q or X get in the way.

I am working on the names of the shapes and picking. nothing so far, but just getting started

So I tried Triangle = 3.8 (3 sides) (8 letters in triangle). etc

but nothing

Thanks for the help, it's time to go to sleep.
Leave hints for level 5.
Good night!

yes, but a possibility also is the 8 letters of the word 'triangle' and the 5 letters of the word inside it : 'count', my, we're coming up with all sorts of riddle-ideas.

goodnight pichi.

closing as well for now.

Yep, tried that too, and picking letters from shape names but nothing :( Have to go, leave big hints please

Has anybody found anything for level 5? I think I have counted just about everything.

My only thought on level 5 was: Could every single one be a different way of counting? If so, I'm doomed.

Thanks for the riddle Riddle Master.

I've played around with level 5 for a while. Like everyone else, I think I've counted everything numerous times, but still no joy. A little help would be most welcome.

Good job all of you so far, we assure easier levels throughout the journey for your minds to rest :)

For level 5: Reorder the words into a phrase (you should know how). That will hint what to do. Use shapes to pick on rows, the exact same way you did until now. Use the words for what the hint tells you, it's all about "counting", be creative :)

My creativity is missing. Everything I count is wrong. Still counting...

Yay. solved 5 :)
Ok, the last clue from Riddle Master helped.
First go to the correct row.
Then, use the row - do as the sentence tells you there on that row to get a new number.
Use that number, again on the same row to pick a letter.

For example, in row 5 use "inside" to count letters on that row. Use the sum to pick a letter from row 5, which would be G.

Fortunately, lvl 6 was way easier. Use what you see to pick some more. On 7 now, but need to leave.

Goodmorning, playing awhile.
Thank you Ellie, I don't really understand?
shape 5 = row 5.
The word contains 6 letters, leading to an S?
but what becomes a sum?

The phrase I have is :
Count letters inside shape lines and pick answer. Is that correct?

shape 5 = row 5 (you are correct)
The word contains 6 letters (right again)

Next step is to count the occurrences of those letters in that row.

Hello Edgar, great that you're helping out!

I'm curious.
How did you find out that you had to do that?
Where's the hint for that?
I mean, if my phrase is correct it doesn't tell me anything about what to do in the grid.

lol, do I have to pick 'mang'? or any other order of these letters?

@arrie NL: All those are valid letter, so far.

Well, thank you.

LOL After trying thousand things then you try something else...
Probably a mixture of how to interpret the hint ('count letters inside shape lines') and a bit of luck/experience in riddling.

Your letters seem ok... anagram required.

Keep in mind, if the author says creative, read far-fetched ;)

I don't know if our king likes to camp, so anagramming doesn't work here.

@arrie NL: Your "K"ing maybe wrong, should be more like an "A"ce, try to count again ;)

you can't anagram something if you don't have something useful, can you? lol.

@arrie, you can't be that far, you already hinted that you got "mang". Count occurrences of the WORD in shape LINE, and pick again in the same LINE with the number of occurrences. You get 8 letters, anagram them.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Let me read that again.

@arrie, ignore the King - Ace thing! Not card related :)

Triangle shape (line nr 3), with C,O,U,N,T letters: you can find 2 occurrences of those letters on line 3 (one T and one O = 2 occurrences). Pick second (2) letter of line 3 (triangle), get M.

Do the same to all the shapes.

This comment has been removed by the author.

But, I just did that ... and my letters were valid.
row 9, the word pick, only the k in row 9, so one letter = first letter = k.

@arrie: Can't you "C" other letter?

No I couldn't, cause my letters were correct, so I didn't look for mistakes. Thank you, passed the level.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I need way too much help, so I won't bother you both any longer. I'll wait for others to come in so the combination of hints will help me through.

Thanks Riddle Master. Finally at 6.

@arrie, don't do that. Riddles can crush us just like that when we keep hitting the wall (and we DO hit the walls many many times when solving the other riddles), but the joy and fun will grow, the next levels have a different style of solving, give them a try ;)

Thank you, I do like riddles, but on this one I think I'll need more hints from different angles. Like : " Fortunately, lvl 6 was way easier. Use what you see to pick some more. " ehm ..... ?

Level 6, "what you see" just hint you on where to focus "to pick some more", but first, noticed the creases? A real life paper may help some of you on this case.

@arrie, I'm sorry. My intention was to not help too much on lvl 6 since noone got a chance to try it yet. It's always fine to ask for more help. Your questions will help others stuck at the same spot, but better to spoil a little at a time.
Also, I can't be around much today so please don't feel I'm ignoring you if I don't give a quick reply.

For lvl 6 - the paper is folded in four parts. Use reflections on all parts to pick letters.

level 7 .....

No Ellie, please, no need to appoligize about anything! As I said, it's the variety of hints that will help me see. On this one the 'folding'-hint helped me see it.
But all those little puzzle pieces together make it work.
And no, I don't think for minute I'm being ignored, of course not ! Please don't think that.

Great @arrie! Also, I should add... for me a riddle level is "not hard" if I solve it like within an hour lol. A hard level takes many hours or even days.

For lvl 7 I'm trying to pick in different ways. Not sure if I should stay right up or expand my area. No treasure yet.

Level 7: All about imagination, close your eyes and imagine the situation.

First sentence tells you to climb. "Build" your own hill with what you have, following the directions on the sentence. Remember, for a mountain to be, you need to have some kind of "height".

Lol, that's what I'm doing, but I don't think my hill look like yours :) It's nice anyway and gave me some words but no treasure. I wonder how big the treasure might be.

build your hill with what you have .... lol, pickaxe, rope ...what do I have I wonder?

The rope may be useful if you are hardly stuck... but not for this level :)

As far as we know, for level 7, you only have a treasure map... ;) and you folded it in some way, before climbing it.

yes, I saw the creases (thanks for a new word). They show me you can fold horizontally or vertically, not smaller.

After climbing a pyramid and different shapes I went back to my first hill (upper right area)to try some more. From there I see "rise", but that's not good enough.

DANG !! level 8.
Falling off my chair here, heart pounding.

@Ellie, you are not on the correct hill.
To find this treasure, you really need to fold your map in some way / directions (the "right" and "up" way)... that shall be your hill; Then, your "top" and "bottom" should be more obvious, we hope.

Thanks, got there too. Well done @arrie!

I only folded once, and chose the two letters from the bottom that held a vowel, then took the first possibility from the anagram.
Now I understand you don't pick letters when you climb up, that hint is just to get you there, it's the starting point.

Okay, and now I have to get ready to go to work.
Thank you both, hope to see you again, bye bye.

To solve lvl 6 you fold twice, so that lower right area is on top and upper right area is the bottom part. That way the top are is upside down, so the first row would be "door".

Got some gibberish from lvl 8 lol.

Have to leave for quite a while, but hope to be back tonight.

This comment has been removed by the author.

On Lvl 9 now! :)

For Lvl 8, think M****.

still don't see level 7 am I looking for a 4 letter word or do I miss a step .If door is on top then this would be on the bottom does the sheet get any smaller ?

@mtatt you don't need more folding, and the positions are correct. You are looking for six letters (2 on top and 4 on bottom).

maybe am looking at this all wrong have a few good 6 letter words like dhotis eraser etc but none work .Does the paper get smaller when folded if so the 2 folds would make it a quarter the original size

@mtatt you have to fold it as the text says. you end up with 4 layers of text (4x4 each).

Now you should use the remaining instructions to pick letters (2 on top and 4 on bottom).

thanks for level fold once rotate 180 then use the clues

phew. finally catched up.
thanks for all the hints!
now, I'm on 8...

Hi all :) Almost 200 comments, so new comments will be on the next page

is 8 about good old Sam?

Casual, it is :)

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