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Sakura Mohican Escape Walkthrough

Sakura Mohican Escape

NinjaMotion - Sakura Mohican Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Ninja Motion. In this game you have to find objects and solve puzzles in order to escape the place. Good luck and have fun!

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note the "heart" or arrow directions in tree leaves.

use item given to sabotage the runner.

No idea what was going on, but made it out. Click the guy who runs out from behind the tree!

for 2nd ending, click small rock in front of gate before exiting.

This game for me was passable) But is there another exit?

Oops) Already answered. Thank you)

I have no idea what to do, have a box which doesn't do anything, guy has run off...???

Have 3 notes and box and stuck. Don't understand note clues I guess.

oh, click rocks either side of gate according to hearts on tree...

Missy Moo, you have to be holding the trowel to stop the runner, and you need to click his lower half to open a hole and stop him. Otherwise, just clicking him does nothing.

bayars, add the two notes with numbers(small, medium, large from each sheet). that will give you the 3 digits and the 3rd sheet will give you the order to plug it in to box.

hmm, these games are no good for my RSI and I'm too old and slow.

Got there finally, click on tree when you get trowel(??) click on guy 4 times to get notes, then add 2 together according to the final note which gives order. Not my favourite game maker, especially after playing Robammimi.

Thanks cate, I tried but had it wrong. I'm out now.

I'm happy that there are people that enjoy these games, but NinjaMotion has always been nothing but frustration for me.

Sorry. :(

There was a time that Ninja Motion were one of my favorite games, not so much any more. Tired of chasing things off the screen and hidden items that don't make sense. Bring back an exploding hamburger or something.

Agree with you steve! These games are horrible

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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