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South Wild Forest Escape Walkthrough

South Wild Forest Escape

Escape007Games - South Wild Forest Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Escape 007 Games. Assume that you went to South Wild Forest with your friends. Your friends went to home after visit without noticing that you are still in the forest. You want to escape from forest. So use your skills to collect the necessary object and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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axe by stone dog.

Going in ...

use ax in scene 4 right on tree blocking circle with red on it. Don't forget to click on the black bird.

Sneaky black key in scene 7 to the right from start

paper clue under left tire of beetle. to left of headlight with key.

Axe to chop tree in graveyard

sledge hammer first scene left.

Mallet to get key from car headlight

hammer for headlight/key

Black key opens car boot

key from headlight goes in 4 statue scene. bottom right tombstone.

Hi Mighty1 - didn't notice u were here : )

Found anywhere to use planks?

yes to the right of the dog.

have 6 so far. need more I guess. Still looking for a place to use the spear and the red knife.

Aw thanks : ) Don't know how I missed that...

I got a fire going with 6 planks. Do you have the red stick (or whatever it is) to start the fire?

All I have left in inventory now is an arrow. Does nothing with cinders or bird. Maybe need a bow to go with it?

yes i started the fire but I still have the spear.

Looks more like a spear since it doesn't have feathers on one end.

Maybe spear/arrow is to use on red target (last scene on gravestone) once all red balls are placed? Still looking for one ball.

Take a cinder and use on tomb hot spot for 3 no's

still need 3# code, 1 red ball, location to use spear and blue, purple, pink vials.

Also need one more 1-eyed monster for pavilion, and 3 coloured bottles for gate.

Oh yeah - and 3-number code

Forgot about those guys. I need 2 more.

spear used in front of dog

good catch. still missing 1 1 eyed statue.

Ty sysin3 : )

@ Mighty1: there's a sneaky 'monster' in scene with rotting wood (where you got spear)

And using spear get last 'monster' and last red ball.

got it.

Just need one more coloured bottle now - must be from 3-number code. Still can't do anything with bird ...

Out. thanx for help.

Can zoom on gravestone to right of bird but can't read anything on it.

Just click on bird to zoom and then click on it again.

This comment has been removed by the author.

3 number code you get after you burn the planks in front of the dog and grab the bottom coal and use it on the tombstone next to the bird.

Ah - you can take one of cinders ( and I tried that so many times b4) and use on gravestone for 3-number code.

Thank you, Zuleika. That was the only thing I was missing to escape.

The monster, I mean.

Do a little juggling with coloured bottles - and out. Good game : )

Hi Bear - my pleasure : )

Thanks for all the great hints left here.
Out easily with help from all of you.

Zuleika, you saved my life! That was my last "monster" :)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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