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The Abandoned Air Force Base Station Escape Walkthrough

The Abandoned Air Force Base Station Escape

Escape007Games - The Abandoned Air Force Base Station Escape is another point and click new escape game developed by Escape 007 Games. The story of this game is to escape from the the abandoned air force base station. Assume that one day you are visit to air force base station. Unfortunately, the main door was locked. You are stuck inside the air Force base station. Try to escape from the station by finding object and hints, solve the puzzles and get main gate key to escape from air force base station. Good luck and have fun!

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my last grenade (green) was in scene with 4x5 grid, on the floor at the end of grey mattress(?)

where to use the hint from the grenades?

@Jan, upstairs

Missing a piece to the knife? and a cloth for the dogtag

Hi, Inventory just white plate (needs to be clean),
a Knife handdle and still missing one color button,

Jen use upstairs

never mind, forgot about the circles.
Need a blade or something for the knife handle?

I am the same place as everyone else now.

also missing clue for letter puzzle

I am so stuck with 5 stars, knife handle, a roasty plate and 5 colored balls...

why can we zoom in on the jet?

five stars, room just behind sofa,

the stars go in the room with the colored dots puzzle, just below it and left

POP, stars go in same scene as colored balls...

Oh, and the grid with the blue squares? Did I miss a clue somewhere?

Any clue for 4x5 grid?

btw, bullets go in door view, you have to see a hint first: at window 1 scene to the right

bullets go in start scene, three holes

Where to use shovel?

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shovel use in the most left room on the floor

I'm stuck with dirty plate, half knife, shovel and paper with number 8624 that I don't know where to use

Cris, thanks, can't find place for it.

Cris I tried every spot in the floor, not success :-(

lower right when you are zoomed in

Stuck with dirty plate, half knife
need some clue for 4x5grid and for letter puzzle

just in front of loose tile

Thanks brett johnson and Cris

Clue for 4x5 grid is on plane.

brett... there are 3 hotspots on the floor in this room

I'm with you Cris

EscapefanJ thank you

I was looking at the plane just cant make it out

I assumed that it was on plane, but still... keep looking the plane and can not see.

now i see it:)

Its in the blue are just before the tail..its an L

still can not see this plane clue

thks brett

wow, thanks for plane hint!! you have really good eyes!!

the final puzzle is a pain, I give up

I see it now. Is the L blue or white and where to start it?

thk you all fot help

someone tell me how to make the L, I have tried every pattern I can think of

Jan... first collum and fourth line

but you have to zooom on plane first

omg, I had done all that, just tried again and it is the WHOLE fourth line---that is not an L, just a right angle!! Not rating this one very high.

Thanks for the help, got fed up trying to get the coloured circles right.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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