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The Princess Diaries 2 Walkthrough

The Princess Diaries 2

Flash512 - The Princess Diaries 2 is another point and click room escape game developed by Flash 512. The princess want to see the world,help her collect some hidden useful items and solve the puzzles to escape.Good luck and have fun!

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The Princess Diaries 2 walkthrough
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Brown statue on the right table

Looks like we need 4, brown figures go behind painting of the woman in red

in for 1 more right behind u dazz

scissors in white drawer above the swans

yeah sexy, this game looks beautiful like you:)

Chain in candelabra in front of gold door

Ruby in white statue

ahhh how sweet thanks dazz its quite different than what am use to

Flower in white cabinet in front of crown

Idk whether there was clue for that, i got the word code above my crown:


Use scissor on little doll on table.

Cans? In the left cb of first room ate for the green buttons on fountain

dont understand 5 letter code clue?

In start scene click on mirror on left for a word hint. Haven't found a place to use it yet though? LOL

I think I could get lost easily here


Where were you amigo? Been asking about you:)

hi bandy ltn see u

Ya Drop found a 4 letter puzzle but not 5 letters?

LOL Just working!

Word code : see the twisted shape beside the tree under the king, see the marks under it, combine apridite on mane and letters on left mirror

Hi Dexy! I have 3 gems a clock hand and what looks like a ear ring ?

well I am quite lost in this 1 dazz should have tripled the latte geezzzz

The mane is under your crown

Dazz mane?

Mark says: letters on mane - the five letters on mirror

So the remaining letters for the code

I got a gem from crown?

also in start scene across from mirror u can click on each petal of the flower and it shows different colors and I am so confused LOL

The five bottles are for the petals on right wall


I see rt rt lft rt on right picture where u see buttrfly

The flower gives you a yellow button

Pink button and yellow button go on clock, missing handles

oh gosh this is just too hard for me ya all

Sexy, i beleive those arrows are for the brown figures you place behind one of the portraits

Sexy, where are you?

This comment has been removed by the author.

oh I found scissors

I am missing one clock hand?

5#: after solving the green buttons you'll get a stone from the fountain that says 'leboz'

Flip it for numbers : 20837

in a drawer above the 2 silver swans

Bandy i got one from behind the knight

Third ruby from the sword in front of the knight

Thanks Dazz I found that one.

The knight is beside the brown door

Gems go in silver pot under table were doll is. Missing one though?

Flowers go on vase under the right petals, buterfly will come down

4 red gems go in right hand side of cabinet that's between pink chairs


My last ruby was in the mane

where did that butterfly go to dazz

Hi yvonne. Dazz how many flowers we need?

Place butterfly on flower behind the portrait of lady in white for second figure

Oh DUH Just one flower LOL

oh I caught that butterfly

bandy did you get a gem from white statue, in the pot she's holding?

I got flower from the white cabinet bandy! The one above your swans

Sexy, after placing the flowers your butterfly will come down

I have a butterfly. 2red gem. hook with chain. sissors . clue with fingers pointing. pink shape

dish, I mean

Scissors for russian doll

an I am clueless imagine that

Thanks yvonne got that one. I trying to figure out what a mane is?

Sexy, i just hinted for scissors
Butterfly:7:46 am

oh goody thanks dazz I now have 3 red gems how many I need? and where do they go/.

Sorry bandy, the kind of stick a king carries,
Its under the crown in right cb next room

Thanks Dazz!

ok I looking for that lady in white

SexyDexy you ignoring me ;) posted that 7.44 lol

Sexy, did you check the mane under the crown, scissors,white statue far right?

You need 4 and they go in box with arrows in right cb

woohoo got another figure thks now hve 2

Now for the order to click gems?

Hi yvonne!

Dazz will you spoil the 4 letter hint PLS.

Ok, did you all get a picture with 5 hands??

yes got that crown one dazz I believe I don't know what to do with the color bottles/flower petals

Take this: apho

I am going to have to dump the coffee and switch to something stronger after this game danggg LOL

oh nice.....thanks dazz.now I really owe u

Hi Dazz Ley :)

Sexy my comment 7:33 am

TY Dazz that was it.

ive picture wth hands dazz

opened that yellow bottle but I cant get that key

oh got the yellow center of flower

Bandy, yvonne, did you get a picture?
If yes, place it on the twirl thingon the right table under the king in first room for arrow hint

Clock works but can't seem to find the right time...

Just found that thanks Dazz!

I need 1 more red gem ahhhh

Peke I think time was on little globe thing right side of cb with little doll, use brush on it


There is a drawer handle bottom left of locked door in exit part

X IV what is this for dazz?

This is a tough game!!!! WOW!

I think that is for clock Dexy?

How to interpret that XIV... Tried many combinations already..

I think, I have used a brush on snow globe between pink armchairs and got a "XIV" clue.
maybe for clock, I don't know...

I don't have clock hands I think have clue tho I got drawer handle too yayyy thanks dazz

Pete - it is for the time on the clock. the big X is for the big hand

Sexy , i think you didn' t get the one from the sword in front of knight

theres 1 clock hand

Well.. it was 4:?? and got the last statue..

I can't that stupid gem box open for squat! LOL

oh YES thanks

Bandy, did you put the hand picture on the swirl thing? Follow the line. I think it started with right

And finally out...

I am not a robot damn it grrrr sorry makes me mad when they do that to me I cant get the clock hands to move I still have hook with chain and pink and yellow discs that's it

oh I didn't do that swirl thing either where do I use that at?

OHHHH Thanks Miles1 missed The round swirl!

Those pink and yellow balls go to buttons on the clock

Peke, could you spoil the clock hint please.
I have big hand at X (10) and small hand at IV (4) and nothing....

That clock was a pain!! Get last figure

SexyDexy, you need to place a pink and yellow ball beside the clock. Click on them to move the hands. The swirl thing was on the table where you entered APHO

Hotz - that's it. I don't know why it didn't give you the statue. Did the middle gold ball things move aside?

grrrr I am really havin a blonde moment here ya all

I fumbled and didn't really notice when the clock opened and pressed a button backward. Maybe it was 4:50..

Hotz: 4: 50

The pink button moves the hand ten minutes, the yellow one reverses it

Directions on king's picture for the figures

Sexy , did you get the gems?

yes, I have clock hands on 4.50h but no reaction....

oh ok I got cha now I think LOL and I have to keep proving I am NOT A BOT

Hotz, maybe back out and try it again. 4:50 should work

See the symbol where each figure looks at fir white box under the shelf of crown

Thread with chain to get key

Where is the hand picture???

I can in no way get the clock right. Big hand should be on 10 and little on 4 but it does nothing. Help please??

I got the same prob. with clock? Hotz?

Hotz, the small hand gets a little between 4 and 5

The big one at 10

Finally, my clock opened with the small hand at 5 and the big at 10.

is there a second use for 'LEBOZ' stone? it is still in inventory after opening #drawer.

Pink button moves the large hand 10 minutes forward each and small hand the whole way

Yellow button reverses the bug hand 20 minutes back

Tried again and clock not working again..

thanks Jenny!! Finally it works!!!!

Nope , leboz only for 5#

I give on clock. just won't work?

Thanks for all the help. but have to run.

I GOT CLOCK damn if I can do it anyone can

I am out. I never got any picture with 5 hands??

got wire for hook then key almost out

Gasp! Someone stole it from you jenny:))

Yayyyy I am so of here..........Thank you all for the patience to help me I KNOW I am a pain LOL

OUT Have a great day ya all

133 comments geesh

Went to do other things and tried the clock again and it worked.. weird..

Anyone remember where they found the thread/strong to use with the earring? I can't get the key out of the bottle.

found thread/wire under last shape puzzle

Mike, that comes last thing from the box of symbols, my comment 8:20 am

Damn, missed that comment. Thanks Dazz. And thanks, Dex.

Excellent game...great for a Saturday morning!

Hi, I'm stuck already, I don't see any hint for the green gems by the fountain other thatn one from Dazz that I don't understand:
"Cans? In the left cb of first room ate for the green buttons on fountain"

Adriza, check the left caninet under the russian doll

Where's the last gem? I got one from sword, one from rod under crown, and one from dolls... Also I can't find thread for hook

My comment 7:24 am

Beautiful graphics, I just started playing, but I promise a WT if I can finish it, going to enjoy this one.

Please do ArrieNL...I just can't make the clock work.

where is a brush?

nvm....I already had the "brush" in my inventory. I thought it was a chess piece (rook)

I got the clock - finally. I just kept playing with it...

sorry zoe,I brushed my hair with it)))

Wonderful game!

Great hints as always, Dazz! Couldn't have done this without them!

Daisy you naughty girl...now how will I know the time?))

Well, Dazz, that explains why I had a chess piece - you had my brush all this time - Give it back!!

And out. I thought that was very beautiful and quite logical. Just the clock was a pain but that's my fault. Thanks for posting. Five stars as usual for Flash512!

Dazz - it's numbers. Numbers make me all wobbly!

Sorry, I lost it))

Well, I spent 3 1/2 hours on this game and ended up with negative 360,000 points. But daggonit, I Finished!!!


Spoilers below

Scene 1.

Above front left sidetable: click the mirror, write down the letters.
Above front right sidetable: click petals, note their colours.
starting with red up right as 1.
On this sidetable: take the small statue.

At back left sidetable: a number is needed.
On the sidetable the bottles show colourorder for the petals.
At back right sidetable: a word is needed.
Above it a painting with a clue.

Walk on to the cabinet.
Left door: placement of bottles, note their position.
Right door: box with place for 4 red gems.

Enter right sideroom.
Take the red gem out of the bowl in the statues hand.

Enter left sideroom.
Behind the left painting 4 small statues can be placed.

After clicking the correct colours on the petals, click ‘gray’ = yellow thingy.

Scene 2.
Left cabinet: open doors, take flower.
Two swans on shelf below, scissors in left drawer.

Right cabinet: read name on the scepter, take red gem.
Remember the letters on the mirror, take them out of the name, 4 letters remain.
Above the crown 4 letters, read them, anagram for a word.
Lift the crown, take pink thingy.

Walk on to the huge cabinet.
Take the clockhand from the harnass (its right shoulder).
Open the doors on the left, by clicking the locks.
(see spoiler if you can’t make it work).
Take the red gem off the sword.

Enter left side room. Zoom in on first lights right side, take chain.
Click door on the left, take knob bottom left at the door.

Enter right side room. Use the bottle clue on the green lamps.
Zoom in on the fountain, take a stone.
Turn this stone round and round, read a number, starting with Z=2 ….

Zoom in on bottom right cabinet, place knob on the drawer.
In it a clockhand.

Scene 1.
Front right sidetable: flower in the vase, zoom in again = butterfly.
Front left sidetable: place yellow thingy right side on the clock, pink on the other side.
place clockhands.

Back right sidetable: use the letters = corkscrew and a brush.
Back left sidetable: use number on the drawer = picture with fingers.

Into the left sideroom, click right painting, place butterfly.
Take second small statue at bottom of the flower.

Use scissors to cut ribbon of the Babooshka on the cabinet in the back.
Open them … red gem.
Use brush on the item on the right, read the time : short on 5, long on 10.
Set the time on the clock, take a small statue.
* Use the left button to set short on 5, then go back with the right button, forward again with left, back with right, until it’s correct.

Go to the back right sidetable and place the picture on the left stand there.
Follow the circled arrow to see the order for clicking the gems.
Place the red gems on the box in the cabinet behind right door.
And click them as the order shows, take fourth statue.

Go back and into left sideroom, lift the left painting, place the statues.
Remember the painting with arrow-clue. Make the statues face those directions.
Note the shapes they’re facing.

Scene 2.
Use the shapes-clue on the box at the right cabinet.
Get some thread.
About item the chain and attach the thread.

Scene 1.
Go to the coloured bottles, use corkscrew on yellow, take out the key, using the chain.

Scene 2.
Go into left sideroom and use the key … out.

Careful …. Sssssssspoilers.

letters in mirror : RDITE
petals clockwise: up right 1. red, 2. green, 3. purple, 4. gray, 5. yellow, 6. blue.
click 1, 2, 5, 3, 6, 4.
number on stone: 20837
remaining letters: aphrodite – rdite = apho.
word above crown: open.

red(left) goes forward: 1 hour and ten minutes.
yellow(right) goes backward: 25 minutes.

locks : top – down.

box with red gems: UDRL

Great game, thanks for the WT Arrie :) Needed it several times.

Thanks for the fabulous w/t Arrie. I used it a number of times. Wonderful game.

arrie NL Thank you :)

Your Score -5150! That's negative! I guess I'm "Less Than Zero!"

Took around an hour which is probably pretty slow, but I actually managed to do this one on my own! Yippee!! Really nice game.

Found this on a replay. Nice game. The clock was a pain in the *ss.

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