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Where Is King Escape Walkthrough

Where Is King Escape

Games4King - G4K Where Is King Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that your king used to have a site seeing at his region daily. As usual today also the king went for site seeing. But unfortunately the king doesn’t return back. He must be trapped somewhere in his region. So use your skill to collect the necessary items to escape you king. Good luck and have fun!

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'RuRalLife' for left/right code.
red gem opens middle door in right scene

Scene 5 grid Spoiler:
x 8 x 10 x
7 x 9 x 11
x 6 13 12 x
2 5 4 14 15
1 3 x x 16

thanks Maximom! but is there a clue or just try and error?

Hi Hotzenplotz, I couldn't find a clue so I did trial and error...worked, got a smiley face for my efforts.

Scene 2 Hint: direction of arrows is from leaves with pink flowers in scene 4

4 leaves give clue for 4 dials

shake the tree in river scene for a key

Use hammer in scene 8 on wall right of animal heads.

Sneaky keyhole in scene 3 behind right flower pot.

Clue from scene 3 keyhole used in scene 1!

use 11/12/21 for levers

where did you find the hammer?

Need spot for bird. Cats in scene 8 weren't interested.

I do not know where to put the bird

Bird on right pole scene 6

bird goes on post in scene 6

Karissa, I don't recall where I found the hammer but I think it came from an action, not just laying around. Might have been from doing one of the # puzzles?

4 colors for 4 stones with gems in scene5

Thanks Hotzenplotz and adellett. That was the only place I didn't click.

Just realized you can click on the numbers to change them in scene7. No idea what to change them to though.

4 colors wit X+X+ in scene7 is the clue for ball puzzle in scene 4.
yellow balls in outer ring, green in inner ring....

adellett, #'s in scene 7 come from scene 8 - 112, 121

Maximom, 112, 121 are used on levers in scene 4.
for me, this 6 number don't work at door in scene 7

Hotzenplotz, I have a memory like a sieve, I could have sworn I used those numbers there. Well back to the drawing board. Sorry for for bogus clue.

black vases with flowers are placed next to frogs in scene 7

"Call to" doesn't work in flowers in scene 3?

any idea for colored balls, 2 smiley, 555-777, animal heads or numbers in scene 7?
I am stuck again

Roberto, it works. your number is 75134682, so click the 3. flower from right first...

have only 1 vase and 1 smile.

Thanks Hotz!

well, this game maker is too clever for me. I'm in same spot as Hotzenplotz with nowhere to go until I figure out the cryptic 555-777 clue. Have tried every combination including adding to #s already displayed, etc. I give up.

75134682 not working for me

Sisli, try clicking the flowers in this order:

3 8 4 5 2 6 1 7

from left to right click 3rd flower, last flower and so on.

dials in scene 2 still working. Maybe something else to do with them?

I see no logic in the coloured spinning ball puzzle. Sorry, I don't have an entire life to get in the twisted mind of the developer of the game. Red X.


I haven't figured out if it's relevant yet but some of the numbers in scene 7 increase when you click them and some of them decrease

Seems I'm stuck too

I'm stuck on the colored balls in scene 4. I saw the clue from the colored crystals and I have arranged the colors on the rings with yellow on the outer ring and green on the inner ring.

Arrange the yellow, red, blue and green balls like they were on the ends of the arms of the + or x

Nis34r - the colored ball puzzle combines the colors with the x and + clue. So the 4 yellow balls are arranged in the outer ring in a x shape (y ball, spacer, y ball, etc.) Just arrange all the colors on their specific ring and then rotate that ring into either an x or +. This is a very tedious puzzle. If I had known that I was going to end up being stuck at the end I would have saved myself some grief and bailed at this point.

I got the colored ball ring puzzle. Now I need to know what the 555-777 clue is for.

I assume, the 555-777 clue is for the 6 numbers on the wall that change when you click on them, but I haven't found a solution yet.

Same as Roberto, leaves are not working for dials?

Never said leaves didn't work! They do work!

They do? Please help, no clue what I am doing wrong.

I am doing bottom left dial pointing left, top left dial pointing up, top right dial pointing up and right, and the bottom right dial pointing down?

Just tried it again, it worked? Don't know what I was doing?

Good you got it! But the major problem is the 555-777 puzzle!

Could the eyes be a second clue for those dials?

Or maybe the word NEWS is a second clue for directions?

Nope NEWS doesn't work on those

any clue to the 555-777 yet?

no clue at all. where did you use hammer?

Hammer is used on right wall next to the animals you have to change. That we can't find a clue for.

Scene 8 on the hammer sorry had to go look

Thnks... found the place to use hammer...

hammer used in s8 next to animal heads

I have 6 color-balls, 2 smile faces, a clue for 555-777 and no place to use this....

I posted on their FB page. Maybe they'll give a nudge

Cris that's where we are all stuck at. So irritating too cause I managed to get through 90% of it myself with only a nudge from here. And now I can't get any further. BOO!!!

maybe something is wrong or missing....

what about the animal heads, any clue for those

No sorry. I posted on FB saying we all had the smiley faces, colored balls, 555-777 and no clue to the animal heads. No response yet

no clue for animals here

I can't even determine what the animal heads are other than maybe a bear for the original, then lion and elephant. Thought at first maybe those matched with the NEWS but I guess not

Thanks JenJen, hope you get a reply

Yeah me too! I tried math with the 555-777 adding and subtracting the 297 & 576 (tried backwards 675) tried adding those numbers on the wall nothing yet

This darn bird won't stop staring at me. And those creepy eyes keep rolling at me. LOL!

that's frustrating... maybe I'll check again tomorrow...

No need to check back tomorrow. I made an axe and broke down the door. Then came back with gasoline and a torch. The whole place went up in flames. bahahahahaha

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what if you looked at those six digits as point on a clock?...0, 9, 6, 3, 12...it makes a round-about if you follow the digits...could you somehow translate/incorporate the 555-777 into that?

and, for what it's worth, "e" and "g" are the 5th and 7th letters in the alphabet..."e"scape "g"ames...i don't know...i'm just throwing spaghetti.

Found a 3rd smile!

And 555-777 works after that!

Now need a place to use a lever.

@ cate - You saved my day with your post at 10:25.

Its not that difficult ;) Pick up the eyes of the frogs and put them in the scene where you put the 4 white gems and all falls into place :) NEWS goes in scene 1 btw. The 6 digits in scene 7 are 555 777, but need the clue paper first. Cheers :)

No clue paper needed. You need to solve the dials twice before 555-777 works.

Lever goes in scene 1. Or maybe you have already spotted that :)

Yes! I'm out already!

;) Thought I found the clue paper after taking the frog eyes. Had already solved the second round of the arrows/dials long before. Ahh, remembering where and when isn´t always easy lol

Roberto ,hi) Where they found the third smiley?

After solving dials second time. Use numbers on wall:

This comment has been removed by the author.

If the second hint for the dials(scene 2) by eyes in stage 5,I do not understand how to put.

All) Understood. For 6 numbers on the wall.

Please spoil. I still don't get it.

I did it! Thanks!

Roberto,thank you very much)

I am out! Thanks for all the help.

An interesting game)If there was a vertical line of separation 6 numbers on the wall,it would be easier to guess about the second application dials)

Thank you very much for second dial clue Roberto!!!!
the rest is easy :)

wow, this was a challenging and nice game. THANK YOU G4K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want more of these games:)

Roberto AND CATE..great job solving that quite vague clue.
I am still stuck with colored balls…must have mssed something

Don't get second hit for dials, can someone please spoil it??
I am stuck here still.

Hi Jenny
Secnd hint for dials is from numbers on the wall in scene 7…its time...

enter 9, 6, 12 and 3 as if the dials were clocks
Don't remember the order tho

Thanks alinpc.

I am not impressed with this game at all.
NOT a good game. clues were ridiculous, stuff was hard to find and final clue doesn't even make any sense.

That was a tough one. Good team work!

Dreams, clearly it was difficult as several of us were stuck. Not everyone's logic on solving puzzles would be the same. Glad it was easy for you. I still say boo on this game NO STARS and I'm not playing it again. After hours last night I've had enough of it!

I think the second dial clue was too obscure but otherwise I liked the game. Thanks G4K

Very tough game....but an awesome game at that. Thanks G4K I agree with you totally Hotzen!

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