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A Wizard's Journey Day 3 Walkthrough

A Wizard's Journey Day 3

YoEscape - A Wizards Journey Day 3 is another point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant for Yo Escape. The wizard is well on his way to find the land of faeries. Help him make his way to meet the troll king, who should be able to help! Good luck and have fun!

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Thank you SD!

SD, when you click the pile of hay in first scene, you escape...

A little off topic here, but I don't see Ainars games anymore. Loved those...did I miss something?

If I were a missing 4th mushroom, where would I be hiding?

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go back and check all the trees for mushrooms

Wow, I am totally not seeing it.

Mushrooms.. spoiler below

1. In tree with blue bird.
2. In log where troll was
3. Wood pile - one scene Right of caterpillar
4. behind bush left of mud hut

AH HA! Sneaky leaf.

Opening scene....hit the cake plate and then the hay...got ending scene saying great job...quickest escape I ever made.

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I finished like Dimwit. Too bad cause it looks a nice game.

I just wanted to see who would try to take the easy road and just go back to sleep. :)

SD excellent here we go

Oooohh Yeah. My second SD game to do today! Thanks SD!

Thanks SD - two of your games in one day! And you gave us a grayscale one too! Always enjoyed those. Now, may be pushing my luck but I loved your Flophone games too :-)

blimey stuck on waving tree thingy, i thought bird feed would do the jobbie, but no

and now it works

shazam and out sitting round the fire

Almost impossible to see the yellow on the white flowers. I give up.

hmm am when holzhaufen have found the first mushroom and now? where hint on the left right tree?

blossoms from left to right, at 5:00, then 7, then 11, then 2 and rightmost 9:00

Left Right tree - from Troll scene go right twice (ice crystal scene). You can click on the top of the big oak tree there.

I second the question of user 5ee922b2-79a2-11e3-b060-000bcdcb2996! I used to really like Ainars games and have been wondering what happened to them.

Loving this game so far. Stuck on the left-right tree, though.

Ah, thanks, Janet!

The left-right hint from the tree doesn't seem to be doing anything for me? What's supposed to happen?

Never mind - it randomly worked. Out now. Thanks for the hint about the mushroom in the blue bird tree, EnJoy!

What's with the left-right hint? Bug?

After using the flute on the bird, I got the egg. Gave the egg to the caterpillar. Gave fruit to the troll. Got the toadstool from the troll, bush and woodpile but I never got the toadstool from the bird. Restarted the game a few times and then I quit. I must say that my shockwave crashed a few times, so it might be my own PC issues instead of a bug.

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