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A Wizard's Journey Walkthrough

A Wizard's Journey

YoEscape - A Wizards Journey Escape is another point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant for Yo Escape. The king has summoned you to travel to the island of magic in search of a rare flower that can only be picked by the faeries of the island. The prince's life depends on you so hurry! Good luck and have fun playing!

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found acorn by tree, color code, right to left

quick and straight forward. Music a bit monotonous but nice game. Thanks SD

Take the bottle on the shelf far left one

Hi folks:)

Acorn on top of inventory bag

Potion bottles for chest right to left


Thank you, Escape Games 24, for that caution!!! Beautifully done!

Couldnt have been better allso, thank you:)

Lantern to build fire

Fill bottle with water and add to caldroun

Get flower from outside and add all you've got to make potion

Coconut on palm tree under leaf

Din't miss navigation under in scene of palm tree

Word clue on signboard, anagram it

Secon cocnut behind left flower far right

Sword from chest: use on grass beside the reaper for third coconut

Thanks selfdefiant!

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Seems to me she only needed two coconuts....just sayin...

Sorry zoe, I took one:)

cute game Selfdefiant thanks & thanks for the hints Dazz Ley

like your new Header escapegames24 spot on I'm often very late & sometimes scroll for 1 little clue it's easy to not look at what you don't need but it's what it's all about to have as much as possible available like these much better than video ones

Thanx SD
Thanx Yalcin(I guess, it was getting kind of nasty)

so , whats the anagram?

Wendy - it's a color - spoiler below:


That was quick and easy. Simple pimple.

From the warning:

"It is also very easy to ignore any specific comments!"

No, it is not. Try it: You're trying to find hint or help for one specific problem. Try scrolling down the comments as carefully as you can - and let's see if you can navigate through all the other hints without acidentally reading any of those...

I'm not saying hints are bad - it's just this one statement that I don't think is true.

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It is sad that a disclaimer is needed at all. However it is nicely worded.
By the way, the control F key sequence initiates a search function on the page you are browsing.
If you need a hint for a blue key, search on blue or key. It helps to avoid spoilers that you might otherwise be "forced" to read.

Bio, I find it quite easy. Been doing it for a long time. The comments/clues are generally in chronological order so you just skim until you find the clue you need. Another way is to use the "find" feature of the browser. Say you can't find a marble in one of SD's games. Just search for "marble" and it'll take you to any marble clues.

Thank...this one was short and sweet...nice!!!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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